January 22, 2007 --Today's newsletter guest co-hosts are Kelsey Flynn and Willa
It's about how it makes you feel


Dear Mo,

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<--From kittenwar. Everything in life makes sense eventually. Like, why I turned on the auto-name-filler feature this week even though it freaks some people out but not others.

Today Kelsey and her cute little dog Willa came to my studio and we all played newsletter together. I usually work with the radio on and it was kinda confusing to hear the Kelsey on the radio simulcast with the Kelsey in my studio (and the voices in my head).

Kelsey took lots of pictures documenting our day and will be posting them later on local.masslive.com so if you want to see how cute and helpful Willa (a Katrina rescue pet) is, or what my post office box looks like, then try that link later. Kelsey is a super speedy learner and had constant contact figured out in no time so I got to be co-pilot and provide a safe lap for Willa while Kelsey manned the computer. And I was really impressed because Kelsey knows how to REALLY type. Like, she doesn't even look at the keyboard while she types. Whoa. It made me realize that my junior high typing teacher was right, knowing how to type is a valuable thing indeed and showing up for typing class *is* cool. But, what's done is done.

Anyway-we were talking about pets and I was telling her how when I was little I had all these pet kittens for a few hours. I'd bring them home to our house, where pets were undemocratically forbidden, thinking I could hide them under my bed and keep them forever but somehow I always got caught. I didn't know then that after Kelsey and Willa left and I started writing this part that it would somehow inevitably lead to kittens. So, after they left I was finishing up this newsletter when I got an email trumpeting a new art site. The email came from Steve. Steve's new site is called ArtFaceOff. I tend to think of *off* as being that word that sometimes follows a *command* word, at times involving a hyphen and maybe an exclamation point, and which can be off-putting, yet the email announced that this site is changing the way the world does art. Wow. This is huge. And so I share his email with you:

~~Hi, (<--no automatic name fill-in going on here. hmmm. I am going to turn that feature on for this newsletter just because I can)

We found you on [site redacted] and thought you would be excited to find out about another website that is changing the way the world does art.

ArtFaceOff.com is a beautiful art community website that makes viewing easy and enjoyable. We have created a free democratic system that makes art lovers and curators excited to view art.

We receive over 400,000 hits a day. Here's what one artist said about her experience with Art Face Off.

This is exciting, isn't it? I'm loving the responses I've been getting to my work. Already, I've been contacted by an Australian website and publishing house to be a part of their group and by a grassroots TV show in Chicago who wants to do a feature on my work. I can't say thank you enough.
-[name redacted]

Our democratic style has made the papers like speigel.de and techcrunch, AND WE ONLY BEEN ONLINE FOR 4 MONTHS. (cut and pasted exactly from original email)

Our system works very well, because when an artist signs up, they send postcards to their friends and family asking them to rate them. Through this and other systems in place artists get great amounts of exposure. It just keeps growing and growing that way. Curators from all over the world are using our system to curate shows too. At the end of this year we are going to present the best artists worldwide in a show that rivals the Oscars. Come join the movement! This is a PR Art World like never seen before!

This for some reason made me remember that I hadn't taken my fish oil capsules today and further, to wonder *why* this would make me think of my fish oil capsules. But the most pressing question is - [continued at bottom of newsletter]

Reception Jan. 26th 5:30 - 7:00 with music by [read on]
0122_young.jpg You are cordially invited to an Exhibit from Jamie Young

Pictured: Path to the Well, 11"x11" oil on panel, 2006

Jamie Young
Retrospective 1970-2007

open to public
Jan. 26th - Feb. 26th 2007
Reception Jan. 26th 5:30 - 7:00 with music by Sean Black, AKA DJ Blackadile

a benifit for the Homer Street Elementry School

Being shown at
Karen Sprague Cultural Arts Center
American International College,
1000 State Street, Springfield, MA

Click here for directions

FINE LINES AND SHADOWS: New Prints by Victoria Burge and Nancy Diessne
January 12, 2007 - February 16, 2007
1815_zeamaysdouble.jpg The Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking presents FINE LINES AND SHADOWS: New Prints by Victoria Burge and Nancy Diessne January 12, 2007 - February 16, 2007 Reception: Friday, January 12, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

The Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking is pleased to host a new print exhibition by Victoria Burge and Nancy Diessner, “Fine Lines and Shadows”. Exhibit dates are January 12 – February 5. The gallery is located at 221 Pine Street, on the third floor of the Arts and Industry Building in Florence, MA.

The phone number is 413.584.1783. Exhibit hours are: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 12 - 5, Wednesday, 12 - 8, the first and third Saturdays and Sundays of the month, 12 - 5, and by appointment.

Both Diessner and Burge have created new work for this exhibition. Nancy Diessner is Associate Professor and Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies at Chester College of New England in New Hampshire. Her work is in major collections in the US. Her current work explores the new processes of photopolymer intaglio.

Diessner's photo based images of humans and animals explore the common ground between the species. Victoria Burge lives and works in western Massachusetts. Over the past month she has been at an artists residency program in northern Vermont working on a series of encaustic paintings entitled," The Names of Things". Her etchings combine a childlike naiveté with a darker, edgier feel to create images that haunt and entice.

for more information: www.zeamaysprintmaking.com or 413.584.1783

The Gun Show in the main gallery at Studio Place Arts
Barre, Vermont
0122_gunshow.jpg The Gun Show in the main gallery at Studio Place Arts (SPA) in Barre, Vermont, a group multi-media show that examines the potent symbolism of guns, runs from January 16 - February 24, 2007.

The exhibit contains the work of 28 artists, with some interesting distinct categories: works created using fired bullets (David Bradshaw, Patty Mucha, and Marilyn Wenker); guns wrapped in fabric, one of which is carved from granite (Anne Dushanko Dobek, Jerry Williams, and R.G. Solbert); and photographs of naked men with guns (John B. Douglas and Matt Thorsen). Plus futuristic guns, an installation using machine gun casings and stainless steel "puffs", clay, t-shirts, drawings, and assorted photographs and paintings.

While you're at SPA (a place not to miss when you're in central Vermont), also check out Pria Cambio's show of Landscapes in Dryer Lint on the second floor, and still life watercolors by Jean Cannon on the third floor. The galleries are open

Tuesday-Friday 10AM - 5PM, and Saturdays noon-4PM. Visit www.studioplacearts.com/current.html for more information, or call 802 479 7069.

Jan 28th the The Florence Poets Society presents "JAN SLAM 2007" at the Florence Community Center Auditorium
0122_rubberslapper.jpg On Sunday, Jan 28th there will be no football - but there will be some slammin' as the The Florence Poets Society presents "JAN SLAM 2007" at the Florence Community Center Auditorium, 140 Pine St, Florence (the old Florence Grammar School).

Cash prizes, all poets welcome! Home Baked Goodies, Free Entry and Admission! Come and join us for this poetry slammin' extravaganza!

Event: JAN SLAM 2007
Venue: Florence Community Center Auditorium
140 Pine St, Florence
Time: 1-5 pm
Date: Sunday, Jan 28, 2007
Free: Admission and Entry
Contact: Tom 584-5914 or Email us at FPOETS@localnet.com or check out our web page at www.florencepoetssociety.org

Pictured: Rubber slapper - billy club alternative from 1933. Kelsey and I chose this image together since the poets didn't provide one.

This Wednesday Tom Clark, founder of the FPS, will be my co-host on Mo Radio from 8-9 AM on FM 103.3, www.valleyfreeradio.org

Opening Reception: Friday, February 9 5pm-8pm
0122_apeart.jpg A.P.E. Gallery
February 7 – March 4
Opening Reception: Friday, February 9 5pm-8pm

Third Floor, Thornes Market, 150 Main St., Northampton, MA
(413) 586-5553
New works by Teddy O’Connor, Ali Osborn, Raphy Griswold

After graduating from Wesleyan University in May 2006, where they majored in studio art, Teddy, Raphy, and Ali moved to Northampton. Here, the three young artists are trying to come to grips with the reality of working to support themselves while simultaneously finding time and energy to make art.
Are these things compatible? How can they make art pay? Did they find everything they were looking for? Will that be all? is a show of drawings, prints, and mixed media installation in which all of their musings on these questions will be revealed and exhibited.

February 7 – March 4, 2007 at A.P.E. Gallery Third Floor, Thornes Marketplace, 150 Main St., Northampton, MA

For more information, call Lisa Thompson at A.P.E. Gallery: 413-586-5553 or visit www.apreats.org.

MAJUSCULES: Charcoal Drawings by Jay Rathaus

Jay Rathaus’s charcoal “Majuscules” act as a font pre-loaded with social and political commentary. If each letter may be considered a fractured narrative, then when placed together as words, they begin to resonate with the emergent truths of our political world.

Opening reception: Friday, February 9th, 5-8pm
The gallery is open Monday through Saturday, 10-5 and Sunday from 12-5

Pictured: Top, work by Ali Osborn, Bottom, work by Jay Rathaus

What’s Left: Working Sessions and Collaborations
A.P.E. Performance Space
1807_ape.jpg A.P.E. Performance Space
Third Floor/ Thornes Marketplace
150 Main St., Northampton
Information: 413.586.5553

What’s Left: Working Sessions and Collaborations With David Hurwith, Jamm Leary, Gordon Thorne, Michael Tillyer

PUBLIC is INVITED at 5 pm: January 19, January 26, February 2

I was inspired to initiate and organize this event, Working Sessions and Collaborations, by the transition in the relationship between Thornes Marketplace and the APE Gallery and Performing Space. It is important and special that there is a place for artists to work not in isolation, but in the center of the commercial and social life of a city. This adds to the vitality and uniqueness of Northampton. Also, I heard of the time when people worked on the Third Floor without so many walls and the collaborations that evolved from the collegial happenstance of seeing each other while working. Instead of lamenting or pining away I thought let’s offer the public the opportunity to see artists working and here we are . . David Hurwith

FREE DAY & a rockin' dance party too
January 27 Free Day!
0122_cubancowboys.jpg FREE DAY!

Join us on January 27 as we throw open the doors to MASS MoCA and welcome one and all into our galleries free of charge. Guided tours will leave from the information desk every half hour beginning at 11:30 AM. Start your day with a tour, peruse the galleries at your leisure, grab some dinner at Lickety Split, and finish off the day with a rockin' dance party in our Club B-10 with Latin surf-rockers, The Cuban Cowboys.

“If the Mambo Kings had bigger culos, they still wouldn't come close to the Latin rock phenomenon that is the Cuban Cowboys.” —METRO (NY)

“Land Visions” at the Elusie Gallery in Easthampton’s Old Town Hall
Opening Reception February 10th from 5 to 8pm
0122_echodale.jpg Close to 40 artists respond to the Eastmont Art Fund’s Call to help Save Echodale Farm!

Jill Lewis and Jean-Pierre Pasche of the Eastmont Art Fund had approached the Pascommuck Conservation Trust last fall with a innovative proposition to help raise funds and awareness to their Save Echodale Farm Campaign, through the creation of a juried exhibition open to any Pioneer Valley Artists.

Entitled “Land Visions” this exhibition will take place at the Elusie Gallery in Easthampton’s Old Town Hall from February 3rd through March 17th with the opening reception and Jury’s selection announcement on February 10th from 5 to 8pm.

A notable Jury will review all the submitted entries and select one piece of art, from which a series of Limited Edition Prints will be published. That Limited Edition Print will be given to donors for a $150.00 contribution. Most original artwork exhibited will also be available for sale. Proceeds from the sale of the L/E print and original artwork will benefit the PCT’s fundraising campaign as well as the artists whose work will have sold, unlike traditional fundraisers where artists donate their work and do not get any compensation for their donation.

“Land Visions” therefore has dual purpose in the minds of Pasche and Lewis, awareness and fundraising to help save the Echodale Farm, and celebration and promotion of the creative talent in the Pioneer Valley.

For more information, please call Jill or Jean-Pierre at 413-529-9265

NEW! --> Painting workshops with Bob Markey in Febraury
0122_markey.jpg JANUARY EVENTS

~~Monday, January 22, at 6:30 p.m. Anastasia Christie starts a new series of ballroom and Latin dance classes that will run on Mondays through February 26. A choreographer as well as a teacher, Christie has 17 years of dance experience and has been a prizewinner in many ballroom competitions in Russia and Europe. Ballroom dance classes are from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.; Latin from 7:30 to 8:30; and Latin, level 2, from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. For further information and fees, go to her Web site www.socialdanceschool.com/

~~Friday, January 26, 7 to 10:30 p.m., the Northampton Youth Commission will sponsor the Main Event Benefit Concert to raise money for the creation of a youth center serving middle school students in Northampton. “Bullseye,” “NorWhale” and “Stand Up Get Down,” three student bands, chosen by members of the Youth Commission from a pool of applicants, will play. Admission is $5 The Northampton Youth Commission is a group of young people between the ages of 13 and 18 whose goal is to explore issues of concern to their peers and work toward solutions for those issues. The concert has been planned by, staffed by and created by young people interested in this project.

The Northampton Center for the Arts is on the third floor at 17 New South Street in the Sullivan Building of the Old School Commons. Its office and galleries are open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For lots more about ongoing programs, renting the space, etc., visit our Web site, www.nohoarts.org


Paintings by Robert Markey, which combine the visual and the conceptual, will be showing in the Northampton Center for the Arts gallery from February 1-28.

Markey says his work “often speaks about hope, about humor and about the human condition: what it is and what it could be. Much of my earlier work was visually brutal, showing the suffering that one group of people cause to another. My later work pushes this brutality beneath the surface, showing more the beauty and hope that is possible.”

Markey, who lives in Ashfield, was born in New York in 1947. He earned his B.S. in physics from M.I.T in 1969 and his M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts in 1982. Until 1980, his main focus was music, including performances on classical guitar and sitar. In 1981, he began to work in the visual arts and also to study Tae Kwon Do. For the past 25 years, those two disciplines have been at the center of his life.

On February 18 and 25, Markey will offer workshops from 2 to 5 p.m., "Abstract Painting: A Deeper Understanding of the Painting Process." The workshops will be inaugural events in the Center’s newly renovated arts space.
The cost is $80 per session with 30% to benefit the Center. Participants may sign up for one or both sessions. Says Markey, "the workshop is about understanding and seeing what makes a painting work...We will look at the process of creating a painting and what pushes a painting to be more interesting and how to know when a painting is finished."
This is a hands-on class. Participants will be working in acrylic on medium- to large-sized panels or canvases and will find the workshop relevant, whether their work is abstract or representational.

the new show of paintings by Luke J. Cavagnac
0122_luke.jpg "UNTITLED & UNBRIDLED"
the new show of paintings by
Luke J. Cavagnac

Please come to the Opening/Party:
SATURDAY February 10th, 2007
6-9 pm


116 Pleasant Street Suite #206
Eastworks Building
Easthampton MA 01027
gallery hours: T&T 11-7, W&F 11-6, M&Sa 11-4

wine & food & lots of stuff to see
complete show dates: 2/10/07 through 5/11/07
The Invisible Fountain is where Cavagnac paints and displays his "Art". You'll find approximately 1,000 different paintings on display on any given day. Look for a music night in March & poetry night in April.


Keith Hollingworth & Guru Karam Khalsa @ Gallery A3
A two-person show at Gallery A3 with Keith Hollingworth and Guru Karam Khalsa.
0122_a3.jpg Keith Hollingworth and Guru Karam Khalsa at Gallery A3

A two-person show at Gallery A3 with Keith Hollingworth and Guru Karam Khalsa.

Keith Hollingworth combines colored plexiglass and found objects in a series of homages to 20th century artists. "My recent works are constructions using florescent light and color. Light de-materializes form as color enriches our world. Combined, they illuminate a spirit. I am interested in the spirit. These works are titled as homages to art world luminaries."

Migratory birds and the global environment are at the center of Guru Karam Khalsa’s newest works. These birds – with associations of nature, spirit or magic – are presented in the context of global warming. Khalsa explores these images with nontraditional materials, painting with oils, gouache or ink on cement, wood, stone and found objects

Exhibition dates: February 1 – 24, 2007.
Opening reception: Thursday, February 1 from 5-8.
Conversations with Artists: Thursday February 22 at 7:30.

Gallery hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 12-6 pm.

Gallery A3
28 Amity Street
Amherst Cinema Building
Amherst, MA

SuperFriends of Jamoka and this newsletter.
1807_popejamoka.jpg Special thanks to the following for donations to this newsletter and to help defray the costs of Jamoka's hospitalization and treatment.

People just blow me away sometimes.

Pics from the Jamoka memorial Bonfire thing, by Jon Whitney.

If I somehow missed anyone please let me know. I get scatterbrained lately.

<--Image courtesy of Anna Slezak.

AACO (AMERICAN ARTS COLLECTIVE ORGANIZATION), In memory of our artists friends who were victims of AIDS and in honor of Aids Awareness Day, December 1st
MAUREEN DENNING AND CHARLES (Donation made to Humane Society in Jamoka's name)

RENEGADES - 25 Years of Performance at Exit December 16, 2006 – January 27, 2007
RENEGADES - 25 Years of Performance at Exit Art
A Selection from the Archives

December 16, 2006 – January 27, 2007

Live performances by Trickster Theater
Saturdays, January 20 and 27, 2007 8-10PM
Featuring Rob Andrews, Mayumi Ishino, Saeri Kiritani, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Wanda Ortiz, Jolie Pichardo, Pasha Radetzki, Boryana Rossa, Rafael Sanchez, Mark Stafford, Traci Tullius

RENEGADES is a history of performance that was produced or presented at Exit Art over its 25-year history. Through documentation from the archives including video, photographs, slides, ephemera and other archival materials, this exhibition examines Exit Art’s seminal place in the history of performance. In 2007-2008 Exit Art will celebrate its 25th Anniversary.

This silver anniversary will be commemorated during the year through new programming initiatives and other special events to include an exciting series of exhibitions that explore Exit Art’s rich and diverse history. The first exhibition, RENEGADES, highlights our history of fostering and presenting performance art in New York City. Drawn directly from our archive, this exhibition offers the opportunity to revisit a number of historically important performances as well as exhibitions that explored the contemporary history of performance art.

Exit Art 475 Tenth Avenue (Corner 36 Street) NYC 10018

Make Valentines at Wistariahurst Museum
Feb. 10, 10am till noon
0122_margiidoll.jpg Make Valentines at Wistariahurst Museum

On Saturday, February 10, come join Marjorie Latham of Marjidoll.com, for a fun and creative hands-on workshop crafting valentines in the beautiful surroundings of Wistariahurst Museum in Holyoke.

The cost is $3 per person or $5 per family.
Materials will be provided.

Wistariahurst Museum is located at 238 Cabot Street in Holyoke, MA.

For more information, call Melissa at Wistariahurst; 413 322 5660 or go to www.wistariahurst.org

El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) (2006)
0122_movie.jpg El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth) (2006)
Directed and written by Guillermo del Toro
Ariadna Gil as Carmen Vidal, Ivana Baquero as Ofelia, Sergi López as Capitán Vidal, Maribel Verdú as Mercedes

Over the past few weeks I’ve had friends from different points on the globe rave to me about this film. And then I saw that the critics were almost unanimous in their praise so I rushed out to see it when it first appeared here. Films often arrive later here in Montreal because distributors must have a French version of their film before showing it in Quebec.

I’ve decided to pick this film because it appears to be one that so many people feel that others should see but, in all honesty, I don’t understand why.

I mean, it’s a beautifully done film. The acting is great, especially Sergi López who puts a highly original spin on arch villain and Maribel Verdú, who almost steals the show and the satyr a.k.a. Pan, played by Doug Jones, is very convincing. And the Spanish do gore in a way that makes anything Hollywood can do look tame. But I didn’t leave the film in the least bit overwhelmed. I don’t know why but then I’m no critic. Perhaps it was that the story of 1944 Franco Spain was so strong it left the parallel fantasy somewhat obscure or that I wasn’t convinced by the ending or that I was simply not in the right mood. Nonetheless I think it’s a film worth seeing and if anyone can tell me what I missed or didn’t get, I’d really appreciate it. Sometimes, I admit, I can be pretty slow.

NOTE: I want to invite anyone who sees a film that they think others on this list might like to hear about to let me know. I welcome recommendations since as I hope I’ve made clear elsewhere, I don’t see them all and I’m no expert.

Send me an email at wadwight@videotron.ca. If I can swing it, I’ll see the film and if I agree (it is my column after all right!?) I’ll write about it but either way I will share your recommendation. I promise.

Limited space left in conference
0122_frenchman.jpg Learn how to break into the international art world. Join leading figures from around the world to hear about long- and short- term international residency opportunities for artists (working in every medium) as well as biennales and other global exhibition possibilities.

Register early to ensure your participation in this weekend-long event.

Come meet, network with and have your work seen by the conference’s distinguished curators, critics and panelists. This is an excellent resource for professional development. Advance conference registration, which includes admission to all the panels, networking events and a private one-on-one consultation with one of the conference’s international guests, curators or critics is $150 All advance registrations must be received by February 1, 2007.

Click on http://transculturalexchange.org/conference_2007.htm for schedule of talks, details and to register.

Location: Northeastern University, 360 Huntington Ave; Massachusetts College of Art, 621 Huntington Ave., Boston; Satellite Venue (Sunday Panel) MIT, Cambridge.

TransCultural Exchange would like to thank the LEF Foundation; McDougal Littell, a Division of Houghton Mifflin Company; Fred Johnson; Northeastern University; and Massachusetts College of Art for their support of the conference.

a free online directory of artist spaces in Massachusetts supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council
0122_artspace.jpg Hi There!

Did you know you can now list your gallery on www.artspacefinder.com, a free online directory of artist spaces in Massachusetts supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. It a new easy way to let artists know about your gallery and how they might contact you.

This new service is part of ArtistLink, an initiative to help artists connect with their communities by helping them to find places to live, work and exhibit.

We would greatly appreciate your help in contributing to this growing resource. To add a listing for your space on www.artspacefinder.com, simply create a free account and place a post in the "Directory of Artist Space".

Please be sure to make your listing as detailed as possible as this will help artists navigate the expectations and requirements of individual galleries. Posting on the network allows both artists and gallery owners alike to connect with each other, and makes communication and cooperation easy and efficient.

If you have any questions about this new service, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,
The ArtistLink Team


Spread the word! Tell other art organizations, businesses and artists in your area about www.artspacefinder.com!

The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery
is extending the current photo exhibit.
The Robert Floyd Photo Gallery is extending the current photo exhibit

"Sky and Stone: Images of the Southwest" by Ms. Erin Kassis through Sunday, February 18. Yesterday's Opening Reception drew 36 visitors under adverse weather conditions and the New England Patriots game!

Erin Kassis is exhibiting (13) thirteen black and white photographs created with her medium format film camera. Dramatic scenes of the cliffs, mountains and the ever changing sky. A Smith College freshman, Erin was the newspaper photo editor at Williston Academy. She has won prizes for her artwork and has delivered several Gallery Talks. The artist exposed and printed the images herself tin the traditional wet darkroom to share her interpretation of our South West lands. She resides in Southampton.

"The images in Sky and Stone attempt to recreate the power that the Southwest landscape holds. This beauty is the result of the extensive natural history of the region. Each technical decision...to use a red filter to highlight the contrast in the clouds or to alter the exposure to portray the richness of the rock...was made to capture the emotion in these ancient places." __Erin Kassis

"She does much better work than I did when I was her age." __Paul Wainwright, another former photography editor for the Willistonian and winner of Photography's esteemed Lucie Award.

"Gorgeous!"_Diana Mara Henry, Photojournalist, former photographer for the Harvard Crimson and collected in the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives and the Schlesinger Library.

"Once in a awhile, a strong and creative talent emerges. For most, it takes a lifetime; Erin has arrived and she is only 18 years old!__Robert Floyd, Photojournalist, Gallery Owner

Exhibit will run from JAN 2 thru FEB 18, 2007 Gallery Hours: TU, SA and SU, 1 PM to 6 PM Also by Chance/Appointment

Closing Reception: FEB 11, 2007. 1 - 6 PM Gallery Talk (FEB 11) at 3 PM. Refreshments will be served.

Zany Performance Art Weekend
Earthdance Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA March 2-4, 2007
Zany Performance Art Weekend at Earthdance Retreat Center in Plainfield, MA
March 2-4, 2007
Learning to master multi-disciplinary performance through movement, singing, sounding, and the spoken word.

Facilitated by Rythea Lee and Rose Oceania

A great gift to give yourself if you've been wanting to dive into the creative process and get to know other adventurous people.

We will lead participants through a supportive journey of autobiographical storytelling, clowning and character development, state changing, and sourcing spontaneous creations. We offer theatrical and movement based structures that bust through logical thinking into the realm of weird, absurd, expansive, beautiful art making.

As a dance theatre company, we have developed an in-depth approach into heart based, embodied performance. Fun homework and assignments are an important part of this series.

Go to www.earthdance.net to register (don't delay)

Call 413-586-7390 ext.1 for info about any of the above programs.

Continued from top
0122_losingestkitten.jpg Pictured: "the Losingest Kitten"

(continued from intro)- why this is "The Greatest Art Competition in the History of Mankind". I visited the site and it seems all visitors are encouraged to vote in *Face-Offs* which entail choosing between 2 images presented side by side. The Face Off Gallery shows past Art Face Offs ranked from highest to lowest. There are a lot of superlatives jauntily thrown about. Evidently the *best* art is that which is voted to be so. The problem with ranking highest to lowest is that someone has to be that poor Lowest ranking artist. I kinda feel bad for the lowest ranking artist. But I guess if someone participates in the Art Face Off in the first place then they must be a very competitive artist and therefor they know there is a risk of losing yet perhaps they want to be the WINNER, thus making some other artist the LOSER. So maybe they get what they bargain for. Such competitions also tend to attract those people vying to be the loser, and so I wonder if this system would attract non-artists wanting to be voted the worst artist, just for the notoriety and the successful sham of it.

Curious, I did some overt sleuthing. I checked out the lowest ranking artist. I checked out the page of *sponsors* and clicked each link (reccommended). I googled the artist whose testimonial is included in the introductory email. I went to techcrunch.com and spiegel.de, the sites they mention in their email, and I found a lot of clever commentary on the one site that did have an article on AFOff.

On www.spiegel.de/ there was no AFOff article so I checked the archives. The search result message said, "Sichern Sie sich die Vorteile der SPIEGEL-Archiv Rabattkarte. Für nur 10 Euro erhalten Sie Inhalte im Wert von 20 Euro . Jetzt kaufen!" which I translated to, "Certain you itself the advantages of the MIRROR-archive discount card. For only 10 Euro, you receive contents in the value of 20 Euro. Now buy!" I guess if speigel.de ran an article about AFOff then it is archived and you need 10 Euro to read it. I have no euros so I moved on.

Then I checked www.techcrunch.com and found the AFOff post. It read, "It’s odd to compare one piece of art to another and decide which is “better.” People who know about art and try to explain it to me always say art is about how it makes you feel, not if it’s better or worse than other art. But the site certainly gives new artists a place to show their stuff and interact with users, so it can’t be all bad. Still, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth."

The comments on the article were pretty hilariously anti-AFOff but my fave said, "See also www.kittenwar.com - same concept but for kittens". <--HILARIOUS. The kittens are also ranked in endless side by side voting and ranked from the winningest kitten to the losingest kitten. I guess you could sit the losingest kitten down and explain in the simplest terms that they are famous on the web for being the losingest kitten and it's likely they'd not suffer from the bottom falling out of their self-esteem. But, people who understand kittens and try to explain it to me say kitten cuteness is about "how it makes you feel".

One last point I ponder; if they are getting 400,000 visits a day, why is there no advertising on the site? That's 14,600,000 hits a year. That many views would generate some crazy big ad revenue. I could take this whole newsletter community out for sushi and quit my side job as a charwoman (see: anything by Emile Zola) on that sort of ad money. And my favorite line from the email; "At the end of this year we are going to present the best artists worldwide in a show that rivals the Oscars". My mind is shorting out with the possibilities.

Now, for some reason, every time I type in *Face-Off*, my mind fills in a different f word.

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NOTE: I cull this information from many sources and it is really time consuming to add it and format each line of text. So I apologize if at times there is expired information here. Some weeks I don't have time to get to this section. ~Mo

Deadline February 1, 2007 The *Artist in Research* program seeks to support artists involved in the early stages of projects that require investigation, dialogue, and support from an artistic community. The AIR Program is particularly interested in working with artists whose work explores contemporary and experimental genres such as electronics, sound, installation, performance, film, video, and other time-based media. The AIR Program supports projects that have already been conceptualized, but need time, money and critical feedback to complete.
This residency is most appropriate for individuals or groups who wish to explore the potential for collaboration and creative exchange with peers working in a wide range of media. Regularly scheduled critiques, open studios, closing events and our web forum provide residents with opportunities for critical feedback from curators, artists, scholars and members of the public. Artists in Research are encouraged to focus their efforts on exploration and the processes of innovative art-making rather than the completion of a finished product.
Please visit the "AIR" section of www.berwickinstitute.org to learn more about past AIR artists and the types of projects we are interested in and are able to support.

Deadline February 5, 2007 SEEKING ARTIST'S PROPOSALS FOR SUMMER RESIDENCY As a Blue Sky Project Artist-In-Residence, you will cross-pollinate with other practicing artists, collaborate with teens, expand your ideas and add artistic breadth and depth to the McHenry County community. Artists gather for eight weeks from mid-June to mid August in McHenry County, located 60 miles from downtown Chicago. Your recent studio practice and new ideas should provide the foundation for your activities. Stipend: $6000 Additional $1000 working budget per project, that does not go to the artist, for supplies, materials to implement project, etc.. Does not include costs associated with preparing project for exhibition, which are covered by the project. Deadline for application is February 5, 2007. Contact: Blue Sky Project OR http://www.blueskyart.org

Seeking visual artists, writers, and composers for 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-wk-long residencies, Jan 1 - Jun 15, 2008. Free housing and studio space and a $100/wk stipend. For application and complete guidelines please contact: Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts, 801 3rd Corso, Nebraska City NE 68410 OR 402-874-9600 OR http://www.KHNCenterfortheArts.org OR info@KHNCenterfortheArts.org


Deadline Februray 15, 2007. Bazaar Productions/The Berkshire Fringe is now accepting submissions of dynamic works of theater, dance and mutli-media performance for its 2007 season. The third annual festival held in Great Barrington, MA will present 21 days of original performances, free workshops, and artist discussions by and with emerging artists from across the United States. The Berkshire Fringe provides a unique opportunity for emerging and early-career artists from around the country to present work in a fresh and exciting atmosphere.
Founded in 2003 by a cohort of Berkshire natives and graduates of Simon's Rock College, Bazaar Productions, Inc (Sara Kathryn Katzoff, Timothy Ryan Olson and Peter Wise) aims to fill a growing need in the community for exciting new work at affordable ticket prices. The Berkshire Fringe continues to grow into a bustling community and has featured more than two dozen new works and events that have blended genres, represented new styles, and delved into traditions underrepresented in the mainstream.
In 2007 the festival will take place during July and August and will invite six companies or individuals to participate. Performers from all backgrounds and disciplines are strongly encouraged to apply. Bazaar Productions is also dedicated to focusing funds and resources to create an exemplary experience for all participating artists. The festival is scheduled so that performers can see each other's work, can participate in each other's workshops and can share ideas and experiences. These initiatives establish a center for artistic exchange while providing accessible, affordable and unparalleled cultural enrichment to the community.
Perspective or interested applicants may visit www.berkshirefringe.org for more information and to obtain an application. Inquiries can be answered by e-mailing co-artistic director Sara Katzoff at sara(at)berkshirefringe.org or calling the offices of Bazaar Productions at (413) 320-4175. The deadline for applications is Februray 15, 2007. All applications must be received by February 15, 2007.

Deadline - Ongoing *Three Rivers Community College Reviewing Work for Exhibitions, CT Three Rivers Community College in Norwich Connecticut is accepting portfolios to review for 1-to-2 month exhibitions. No fee. For consideration, sent 10-20 slides, resume, statement, and return postage to: Sandra Jeknavorian, Instructor of Art, Three Rivers Community College, Thames Valley Campus, 574 New London Turnpike, Norwich CT, 06360 / SJeknavorian@trcc.commnet.edu

Art Walk Easthampton, a monthly, self-guided walking tour of arts and culture, has added a proposal page to its website where visual, music and performance artists can outline what they would like to show or perform if given the opportunity.

All the locations that participate in Art Walk Easthampton can view the submissions for possible inclusion in an upcoming event. The talent describes the work, provides images, identifies the types of venues they would like to be in, the dates they are available and provides contact information. If there's a match between the submission and the venue's interest, the venue contacts the talent directly to handle booking arrangements.
The proposal form is available at www.ArtWalkEasthampton.org and is open to all local and regional artists.

An offer from Joe Blumenthal of Downtown Sounds who generously would like to have artists display their work there. (Downtown Sounds, 21 Pleasant St., Northampton, next to the Pleasant St. Theater)

The window is quite large, and has three panels, each one about 6' X 6', and is about 24" deep. It is exposed to intense sunlight in the morning; the heat of the sun plus the narrowness of the window make it inappropriate to display most musical instruments.

However, the sunlight doesn't hurt most artwork since it's only exposed for a month to six weeks. I normally pay $150 to the artist who installs the window, and work out a consignment agreement for the store to take a percentage of the price if the art is for sale and we manage to sell some of it.

The artwork can be freestanding, lean against a wall at the back of the window that's about three feet high, or (if it's not heavy) be hung from the ceiling.
It's great when the art can have a musical theme, but it's not necessary. Because of its highly visible commercial location, the work should have a mainstream appeal and not have themes which could be offensive. Small pieces don't work well since the window is so large.

If one of your readers is interested in displaying in this context, please have them contact me via email: musician@downtownsounds.com, or via phone at 413- 586-0998.

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs + Image Registry The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) is the largest public funder of arts and culture in the country. The Percent for Art artist slide registry is an up-to-date and important component of the Program. The registry is consulted by the architects, panelists, and City agencies for each project. The Percent for Art staff prepares a slide presentation from the registry for each panel meeting. The registry is open to any professional visual artist residing in the United States. Deadline: On-going Information: www.nyc.gov/html/dcla/html/panyc/ slide_reg.shtml


Terry Rooney
Bruce Barone
Ben Caras
Ben Banville
Rhoda Juels
Gineen Lee Cooper
Robert Aller
Gary Jacobs
Maggie Nowinski
Artists @ Open Square
Pol Turgeon
Frank Ward
Frank Ward again!
The Painted Caravan
Derek Goodwin
Northampton Arts Council
Lisa Leary
Beth Fischer Studio
Red Horse Press
Jeff Mack
Jill Turner Video
Amy "Bannerqueen" Johnquest
Dianna Stallone Designs
Lynn Peterfreund
Cynthia Guild
Maureen Scanlon's Peace Ribbon Project
Photography by Jon Whitney
Fine woodworking art by Peter Dellert
Sculpture by Jim Doubleday
The Canal Gallery Building
Stone Soup Concrete
The Northampton center for the Arts
The Art of Dean Nimmer
The Watkins Gallery
Kathleen Trestka
Zea Mays Printmaking Studio
Lisa Scollan
Deborah Kruger
Sally Curcio
Tom Morton
Jeff DeRose
Claudia Sperry
Michael Martindell
Michael Richardson
Smart Moves Pilates
Singer/Songwriter Diane Falcone
Rhymes With Orange
The Massachusetts Review
EJ Barnes- Cartoons, mandalas, and animation
The O-Tones
Holly Murray
The Invisible Fountain.com
Jan O'Highway
The Art Farm Project UK
Bob Markey
Briana Taylor
Rebecca Graves
Tony Kord
Save Darfur
Michael Kuch
Anila's college ruled art
Lillianna Pereira
Linda Batchelor
Stephanie Cramer
The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Cottage Street Studios
Lynn Latimer Glass
Easthampton City Arts
Julian Halpern/Steelhead Studios
Elizabeth Solomon Fine Art
Betsy Dawn Williams

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Show Postcards and the like can be mailed to:
Mo Ringey
PO Box 6109
Holyoke, MA 01041-6109

I think a lot of people still have my old arts & industry address as postcards get forwarded to me but I think that may expire soon.



Senior Symposia

Bob Barba, Associate Dean for Community Education announces the Senior Symposia at GCC Spring 2007 program which includes an exceptional program of art historical and environmental topics. These popular and professional courses are traditionally open to those age 50 and older, however space permitting, all are welcome. Check out the listings at:




10 meetings: 2/17 - 4/21
A.P.E., Third Floor/Thornes Market
150 Main Street
Northampton, MA

This workshop will focus particularly on building the oral skills to read poetry aloud in public, BUT will include activities and exercises designed to foster both the writing and reading of poetry. This workshop will conclude with a reading by participants on April 21st, to which the public will be invited.


10 meetings: 2/22, 3/1, 8, 22, 29, 4/5, 12, 19
plus: 2 SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, Generative Writing Session, 3/17 @ A.P.E in Northampton, 1 - 4 PM
Special Extended Session, 4/28 in South Deerfield 2 - 5: 30

Each week, the format of the workshop will include:
--a short discussion on a topic of poetic craft;
--discussion of members' own poems;
--some outside reading.

Cost of each workshop: $300 ($30 per session)

INSTRUCTOR: PATRICK DONNELLY, an Associate Editor at Four Way Books, has taught writing at Smith College, New School University, Clark University, and the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference. His collection of poems is The Charge (Ausable Press, 2003).

To register, contact: PatrickSDonnelly@aol.com
56 Hillside Road, South Deerfield, MA 01373-9770