April 4, 2006

As you can see, I abandoned the new format and have gone back to my first answer, the original format.
I thought the anchor tags in the left column would make it easier to find stuff but instead they made the main column too thin and hard to read and everyone had to scroll for days to read it all and they couldn't do their work and everyone got fired and I had to win the lottery and hire everyone to make up for it and now I have so many *helpers* that we take turns typing letters and there are so many people sitting on my lap typing now that I can't think and I am having a meltdown and so I had to go back to Plan A. Sigh.

So I am back to the old format. But the obsessive-compulsive in me wants the navigation to be immediately intuitive and perfectly ordered (I was in charge of web design/information architecture in my other life, the one that paid). so I am trying a new thing this week. I put the events first, from most recent to less recent (to facilitate adding new items) and then made a separate section following with calls for artists.

So, now we have two sections: stuff to do and stuff to apply for. (<--is that a dangling participle? it's been so long) Note to self-learn to use moderation in use of parentheses and asides.

Laterationality, Lounging, Liza lollygagging, Le Louvre, Lichen & as always, love.


Fun, useful, free, clean.
Kelsey & science! A rerun - for a great cause. Use it to promote your art, events and photos.
From our pal, Kelsey Flynn.

As a matter of fact, if I get this newsletter out by midnight I am going to post something about my new sculpture/mosaic project, THE TRUTH BIDET, which is about truth, cleanliness, narcissism, and the self-awareness raising exercises of the 70's, complete with mirroring in the bowl part of the bidet (Special thanks to Hilary Price for the 70's remindery input).


Thanks to you all for continuing to get the word out on Your Stories Northampton. I've received lots of feedback over the past two months since the site launched. People are making this public weblog a regular part of their online day, stopping in to check on events, opinions, bear photos and posting something of their own.

With the warm weather slowly taking over the Valley, folks are getting out and about with their cameras and uploading their pictures to Your Stories Northampton, which in turn brings more people to the site. Photo galleries are some of the most popular stops on MassLive.com. So please use this boon to your advantage by getting your news and event listings up in front of the visitors.

With your feedback, we've made the logging in and posting process more smooth. With a couple of clicks, your post is up on the front page of Your Stories Northampton. And the more information you attach to it, i.e. your event's Web site URL, E-mail address, the easier it is for interested folks to be in touch.

Every Sunday, look for the Your Stories Northampton page in the Republican's Hampshire / Franklin Counties pull-out section. Each week I write a column highlighting certain contributions and also spotlighting "hot ticket" events that have posted over the past week.

There are still more innovations to come for Your Stories Northampton so stop in often. I am committed to making this site as dynamic and community-oriented as possible. Please write with any feedback and ideas you have to make Your Stories Northampton as hooked up as Myspace.com and as fun as a carnival midway.


Kelsey Flynn

Zea Mays Printmaking Studio at the NCA
A Community at Work - Zea Mays Printmaking Studio
APRIL 5 - 30, 2006


The Northampton Center For the Arts welcomes the new exhibit, A Community at Work - Zea Mays Printmaking Studio, showcasing the innovative work of 15 members of Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA.

Also on display in this exhibit, The Nature of Things, a handsome print portfolio commemorating the early years of the studio.

Artists participating in the exhibit are: Meredith Broberg, Caitlin Cali, Liz Chalfin, Stephanie Cramer, Tracy Ducasse, Rachel Gugler, Anita S. Hunt, Kate Jenkins, Louise Kohrman, Doris Madsen, Aaron Piziali, Joyce Silverstone, Rudy Ternbach, Judith Wolf, and Diane Kazar Worth.

Mo Note: And what an exceptionally nice group of artists, I might add. They always put on the nicest receptions! Beautiful work, beautiful people.

The public is invited to attend an Opening Reception with the artists on Friday, April 7 from 5 -7 pm, which coincides with the Northampton Arts Night Out Gallery Walk.

The gallery is located on the 3rd floor of the Sullivan Building, 17 New South Street, Northampton, across from the Academy of Music. Gallery hours are: Tuesday - Friday, 11 -4, and Saturday 12-4.

IMAGE: Liz Chalfin, Towards an Ideal, photopolymer intaglio print on Kitakata paper, 2005

Judith Wolf & Amy Wasserman @ Burnett Gallery
Reception: April 6, 5-8 pm
Judith Wolf Burnett Gallery of the Jones Library of Amherst
is pleased to announce the following exhibit:
Improvisational Quilts by Amy L. Wasserman and Drypoints and Monotypes by Judith Wolf

April 2 - April 29, 2006
Reception: April 6, 5-8 pm

In creating her improvisational quilts, Amy Wasserman combines fabric, beads, buttons, and other assorted materials to create vibrant and surprisingly playful fabric collages. Her imagery is drawn from an interplay of old and new, through family photos of her grandparents and other relatives from the past as well as humorous photos of herself. To embellish and enhance photographs, she draws with thread and paints with fabric, using enticing patterns, textures, and colors. Amy lives in Pelham. Her (paper) collage illustrations have appeared on book covers, advertisements, in national magazines and on taxicab windows.

For Judith Wolf, the printmaking process involves a sense of mystery, emergence, and discovery. In her method of creating reductive monotypes, the image gradually appears on the plate. She begins with an inked plate of glass and removes the areas of light.
In this way, the final picture emanates out of the remaining ink. She also prints multiple layers on one piece of paper. Subtle, faint reminiscences of color in the overlapped forms evoke a variety of perspectives: stages of growth, memory, and the passage of time. Most of the prints involve a close observation of nature in the form of plants and landscapes. Through drypoints, a process of incising marks into a plate, she integrates a painterly approach with linear elements.
Ms. Wolf lives in Northampton. Her paintings and prints have been exhibited in galleries in Jerusalem and throughout the U.S.

Burnett Gallery
The Jones Library
43 Amity Street
Amherst, MA 01002

Sunday 1 - 4:30 pm
Monday 1 - 5 pm
Tuesday, Thursday 9 am - 9 pm
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 9 am - 5 pm

For further information, please contact Amy Wasserman at amy@cutnpaced.com, 413-253- 4664
or Judith Wolf at judithwolf@verizon.net, 413-585- 8540

Making Art * Making A Living
Thursdays March -April, 2006 at UMASS
umass art lecture series Making Art Making a Living

Thursdays March-April, 2006 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Free for UMASS students thanks to sponsorship from the UMASS Arts Council

PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED! Call 545-3653 with your student I.D. #

April 13th: Marketing for Visual Artists–ART 42 Professional artist Louise Minks draws upon decades of experience marketing her work and offers several tools for developing a practical approach to marketing your work.

April 27th Legal Stuff for Artists –ART 40 Attorney Joshua Grey from Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts addresses legal matters such as contracts, copyright, government regulations and other issues for artists.

Arts Night Out Northampton
Friday, April 7, 5 pm to Later
looking at art Visit 21 galleries and shops, between 5 and 8 p.m.

Northampton continues its Arts Night Out program Friday, April 7, from 5 to 8 p.m. (unless the duration is otherwise noted by individual galleries), offering open galleries at 21 locations, all within a short walk in the city's downtown area.

(Please note that, this month only, because of a conflict with religious holidays (Saint Jamoka Day), Arts Night Out will be held on the first Friday of the month, rather than the second.)

The event is organized by participating art and craft organizations and the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, and is sponsored by the Northampton Cooperative Bank, 93.9 (The River), and the Valley Advocate.

Highlighted in April are several galleries:

~~A new addition to the Arts Night Out roster this month is Pinch Gallery, 179 Main Street, which will kick off its grand reopening weekend on Arts Night Out with a discussion by Donald Clark, former owner of the gallery, of his recently published book, “Making a Living in Crafts.” The book is geared toward craftspeople who turn their passion into profit. New owner Jena Sujat hopes throngs will turn out to see Clark and the new Pinch.

~~The Old Courthouse Gallery, 99 Main Street, will be showing "As I Passed By," 20 photographs (color and monochrome) by Amherst photographer Bernie Kubiak consisting of scenes from a variety of places, both scenic and street photography. Kubiak has exhibited prints at the Burnett Gallery, Valley Photo Center, Robert Floyd Gallery, Monson Arts Festival and Alfredo's, among others, and is a member of the Pioneer Valley Photographic Artists. A former Hampshire County Commissioner, exhibiting at the Old Courthouse Gallery is a homecoming of sorts for him.

~~The Oxbow Gallery, 275 Pleasant Street, SEE NEXT ARTICLE

~~At Skera, 221 Main Street, there will be charming, whimsical stoneware teapots in the form of various animals fashioned by Pat Simons of Rhode Island, who will be present at the reception. The title of the show is, appropriately, “Creatures of the Tea.”

~~Alfredo’s Gallery, 6 Crafts Avenue, is featuring “In Praise of Clouds,” photographs by Howard Karger, who will be present to discuss his work and photographic approach. Karger specializes in color landscape and captures amazing lighting, cloud and sky formations.

~~At the A.P.E. Gallery, third floor, Thornes Marketplace, there will be two shows: In Gallery 1, Mystical Connections: Photographs of the Invisible Landscape 2001-2004 By Christopher Lizon. In Gallery 2, large original oil paintings by Kyle Mitchell.

~~Northampton Center for the Arts, 17 New South Street, third floor, will have “A Community at Work - Zea Mays Printmaking Studio” SEE ARTICLE ABOVE

~~Continuing at the Smith College Museum of Art is "A Genius for Place: American Landscapes of the Country Era," which captures the character of residential landscape design (1895-1940) at seven notable sites across the country through more than 70 photographs by well-known photographer Carol Betsch (admission charge).

Arts Night Out, organized by representatives of participating galleries and the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, is sponsored by the Northampton Cooperative Bank and 93.9 (The River).

It takes place, rain or shine, on the second Friday of each month year-round. Admission is free, (Except at Smith) and free parking is available at the Smith College parking garage on West Street (Route 66). Flyers, including a map and description of participating galleries, studios and shops, are available at Arts Night Out locations and the Chamber of Commerce, 99 Pleasant Street. There will be entertainment and refreshments at many venues. Take a walk and see the (arts) sights in Northampton.

Nudes and Still Life @ The Oxbow Gallery
Bob Aller, Arnold Skolnick


NUDE DRAWINGS by Arnold Skolnick

ARNOLD SKOLNICK, creator and designer of the original 1969 Woodstock Festival poster (bird, hand, guitar) and art director for the Woodstock Festival advertising campaign, is president and creative director of Chameleon Books. He has received numerous awards for his work as a designer of books, advertising, exhibitions, film and television movies He is a four-time recipient of the award given by the American Institute of Graphic Arts to designers for the “50 Best Books of the Year.”

ROBERT ALLER, photographer and professor of photography at Holyoke Community College will also exhibit black and white still life photographs. His work is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, The Danforth Museum, The William Benton Museum of Art, UCONN-Storrs, Mount Holyoke College Museum of Art, the Smith College Museum of Art and others. He has had numerous exhibitions locally and nationally. He received his MFA from The Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. He lives in Chesterfield, Massachusetts.

The Oxbow Gallery is located at 275 Pleasant Street, Northampton, MA.
The exhibit is in the gallery from April 6–30, 2006 with an opening reception Friday, April 7, 6–8pm. The public is invited.
The gallery hours are Thursday–Sunday, 12pm to 5pm.
For additional information please contact the gallery at 413-586-6300.

Luke Cavagnac at the Artisan Gallery
Reception: April 7, 5-8 PM as part of Arts Night Out
Luke Cavagnac The Artisan Gallery is proud to announce the opening of 1000 Paintings, the work of Luke Cavagnac.

While the focus in the past has been on Luke's reasonably, even ridiculously priced paintings, a few moments with the work make a convincing case that Luke is a very accomplished artist.

Luke's wild, cartoon take on the world around him is a very personal, creative expression enhanced by his accomplished use of paint.

Luke comments on his speed, I've learned to stop before it gets too ugly. And about his low prices, I'd like to sell hundreds a month.

This is a wonderful, joyful exhibit and is priced for everyone. Come and share Luke's vision.

1,000 Paintings -The Work of Luke Cavagnac. March 23 - April 18

Artisan Gallery
162 Main Street
Northampton, MA

Reception: Arts Night Out
April 7 5-8pm
The Northampton Center For the Arts welcomes the new exhibit, A Community at Work - Zea Mays Printmaking Studio, showcasing the innovative work of 15 members of Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, MA. Also on display in this exhibit, The Nature of Things, a handsome print portfolio commemorating the early years of the studio. Artists participating in the exhibit are: Meredith Broberg, Caitlin Cali, Liz Chalfin, Stephanie Cramer, Tracy Ducasse, Rachel Gugler, Anita S. Hunt, Kate Jenkins, Louise Kohrman, Doris Madsen, Aaron Piziali, Joyce Silverstone, Rudy Ternbach, Judith Wolf, and Diane Kazar Worth. The public is invited to attend an Opening Reception with the artists on Friday, April 7 from 5 -7 pm, which coincides with Northampton Arts Night Out Gallery Walk. The gallery is located on the 3rd floor of the Sullivan Building, 17 New South Street, Northampton, across from the Academy of Music. Gallery hours are: Tuesday - Friday, 11 -4, and Saturday 12-4.

A Reading by Palestinian novelist Adania Shibli
Saturday, April 8, 7:30 pm
Adani Shibli A Reading by Palestinian novelist Adania Shibli. Conversation to follow.

Saturday, April 8, 7:30 pm Media Education Foundation 60 Masonic Street, Northampton

info: jfiscella@earthlink.net

Adania Shibli's first novel, Masas, was published in Beirut in 2002 by Dar Al-Adab. Its French translation was published by Actes Sud under the title Reflets sur un mur blanc. Her second novel, We All Are Equally Far from Love, was published in 2004, also by Dar Al-Adab.

Both novels earned the Al-Qattan Foundation Award for best novel by a young Palestinian writer.

Born in the Galilee in 1974, Shibli begani writing and publising literary essays and short stories in literary magazines such as the Ramallah-based Al-Karmel (edited by Mahmoud Darwish), Haifa-based Al- Masharef (founded by Emile Habibi), and the Beirut- based literary periodicals Al-Adab, Abwab, and Zawaya.

She has been published in French, in Esprit, NRF Gallimard, Revue d'etudes palestiniennes, and Liberation; in English in the London-based Banipal, in German in Inamo, and in Hebrew in Mitaam. Currently her work is being translated in Korean and Italian.

A reading of her playlet, The Error, is being presented at UMass as part of New WORLD Theater's Intersections Conference and Festival.

Adania lives, studies, and works in London.

"Adania Shibli shape(s) exquisite stories against chronic injustice." --Guy Mannes-Abbott

"Shibli writes nonjudgmentally, in a gripping, universal voice, about everyday lives and disappointments. Her triumph is an inspiration." --Laila Lalami

Mandala Design Workshop
Saturday, April 8, and Saturday, April 22
EJ Barnes, Mandalas Saturday, April 8, and Saturday, April 22

Mandala Design Workshop led by syncretic mandala artist, animator, and editorial cartoonist, E. J. Barnes, at Inspirit Common at 123 Russell Street (Route 9) in Hadley, MA.

Both sessions 12:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Many traditions the world over combine symmetry and symbolism to embody philosophical concepts. In the process of its creation, the mandala generates an informational feedback loop between the creator and the created. Sometimes, the process is so much more important than the product that the final piece is ritually destroyed after it is finished!

This rigorous 2-part workshop allows participants to construct their own mandalas, based on traditional, cultural, and personal visual vocabularies.

Part I on April 8 is a presentation and discussion of the history and symbolism of the mandala, broadly defined to include Tantric yantras, Buddhist mandalas, European magical talismans and alchemical engravings, Shaker gift drawings, Vodoun vevers, and more. Discussion of the symbolic value of number, shape, color, and direction will follow.

During Part II on April 22, workshop participants will gather to design their own mandalas, either as a finished piece in the workshop, or as preliminary work for a final piece to be completed afterwards.

Price for the 2-part workshop is $85 payable to Inspirit Common. Part I alone can be taken for $50, with the option of signing up for Part II at the workshop.

Details are at the Inspirit Common website at www.InspiritCommon.com/mandala.htm .

Please call (413) 585-1169 to pre-register. Registration is limited to 20, so don't wait!

Instructor E. J. Barnes's syncretic mandalas were on display at Amherst Crêpes in November 2004. Her animated film, "Leatherwing Bat," was shown at the 2002 Northampton Independent Film Festival.

GiRL HOWdY @ Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse
Saturday, April 8
Girl Howdy at Times Square Hello (From Times Square) Honky Tonk Hounds!

Happy April! Happy Spring! Happy Twang!

This month the GiRL HOWDY gang ventures to Wendell, Massachusetts to play this monthly community-based benefit, at the Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse, taking place in the Meeting House building, right in the village center.

This is a wonderful venue, very down-home, and the folks in Wendell are some of the friendliest you could ever meet. They come out with big smiles on their faces, ready for a good time. There are plenty of delicious baked goods, juices, tea & coffee on sale too, with all proceeds going to benefit a good cause. The benefit this month is the Friends of the Wendell Meetinghouse (http://www.wendellmeetinghouse.org)


Wendell Full Moon Coffeehouse, Wendell, MA

(see directions below)

Doors open to the public at 7:00, open mic is scheduled for 7:30, GiRL HOWDY @ 8:00. Admission is a sliding scale donation $6 - $12, no advance tickets or reservations available.

From the East via Route 2.
Take Route 2 West to Exit 16
("Amherst/Belchertown - Route 202 (south)")
(Wendell Center is 10 miles from this point.). Turn RIGHT off the ramp, onto Route 202 South. Travel for 5.1 miles on Route 202 South. SLOW DOWN as you pass the New Salem General Store on your RIGHT, and turn RIGHT at the blinking yellow light, and sign for "Wendell Center". This is Wendell Road. In about 2 miles, pass the SWIFT RIVER SCHOOL on your LEFT. Take FIRST LEFT just after the school, onto New Salem Road.
Follow this paved road with the solid yellow line all the way to Wendell Center -- about 3 miles. The road is winding and narrow in parts. The final 1/2 mile ascends a hill.

Just before the crest of the hill, turn LEFT at "One Way" sign. You have arrived at Wendell Center and the Town Common. Straight ahead is the historic Wendell Town Hall which houses the Coffeehouse.

Alternate: Take Route 2 West past exit 14. You'll pass an "Entering Wendell " sign, cross over the Millers River, pass another sign for entering Orange, and immediately after, another sign for entering Erving. Just after that, take a left turn exit where the sign says "East 2A, Orange, Wendell Next Left". At the stop sign, turn left again onto 2A. Go approximately 0.25 miles and turn right onto Wendell Depot Road (sign says Wendell Center) and travel 4.7 miles to the center of Wendell. You have arrived. From Greenfield and the West via Route 2. Travel out of Greenfield via Route 2 East. Once you cross the French King Bridge (Connecticut River), be on look out within 1/8th of a mile for exit sign on right that says Route 63. Take this exit and stay on road until it comes to a "T. " At the "T, " bear right following signs for Miller's Falls/Amherst. Follow this road (bends 90 degrees to the left with a hundred yards or so) into the center of Millers Falls. At the Intersection, continue straight, up a short hill, over a short green bridge, and then bear left, following signs for Wendell and Wendell State Forest. Travel up this road (Montague Road) approximately 5 miles to a stop sign and the center of Wendell. You have arrived.

From the South via I-91.
Take I-91 North to Exit 24. At end of ramp, turn Right onto Routes 5-10. At next light (a couple of hundred yards), turn Right onto Route 116. Go approximately 2 miles, through one light, over bridge, to next light. Turn left at light onto Route 47 North. Take 47 to its end (approximately 4.5 miles). Rte. 47 makes a 90 degree right bend just before ending. At the stop sign and junction with Route 63, continue straight, crossing 63, and heading up North Leverett Road. Take approximately 9 miles, passing Lake Wyola State Park, entering into Wendell. About a quarter of a mile before the center of Town, you will pass the Wendell Country Store and Post Office on the right. At next intersection, you have arrived. From the North via I-91.
On I-91 South, follow signs for Route 2 East and Boston. This will be a left fork exit. After turning onto Route 2 East, follow directions explained above: "From Greenfield and the West via Route 2".

From the Mass Turnpike
Follow signs for I-91. Take I-91 North, and follow directions in number three: From the South via I-91.

Elizabeth Stone at Hosmer Gallery, Forbes Library
Reception Sunday, April 9 from 2-4pm.
Betsy Stone Image

Face & Figure, a show of pastel portraits and figure paintings in oils by Elizabeth Stone will be at the Hosmer Gallery at Forbes Library in Northampton from April 2-29.

Come to the reception Sunday, April 9 from 2- 4pm.

Marx in Soho, a one man play by Howard Zinn
Sat, April 22, 8 PM, Memorial Hall, Bridge St, Shelburne Falls,MA
Marx lounging at Valley Free Radio <--Marx lounging at Valley Free Radio. Tune in at 8 am tomorrow (for the Amy & Mo Radio Show, Wednesdays, 8-9 AM) at 103.3 FM and win tickets to see Marx in Soho. Really.
Call us at 413-585-1033 when we announce tickets. And we'll send you tickets. And we will see you at the play! We'll be the ones in lederhosen and beehives!

Marx in Soho is a one man play by Howard Zinn, historian and social activist. It is performed by Jerry Levy, teacher of sociology at Marlboro College.

Sat, April 22, 8 PM, Memorial Hall, Bridge St, Shelburne Falls,MA

Tickets are $15.00 for general admission and $10 for students, retired, unemployed and recently fired (for taking too long to read the last newsletter).

Tickets available at: World Eye Books, Greenfield, Boswell's Books, Shelburne Falls, and the door. For more information call 413.625.6177

Even in heaven it seems, Karl Marx is a troublemaker! Embedded in some secular afterlife, where intellectuals, artists and radicals are sent, Marx is given permission by the administrative committee to return to Soho, London to have his say. But through a bureaucratic mix-up, he winds up in Soho, New York. We see not only Marx the revolutionary philosopher, but the intimate, vindictive and humorous Karl Marx. These are his observations and commentaries about social injustice, family issues, the collapse of the Soviet Union and modern life in the world today! Marx declares "I am not a Marxist!"

To benefit CAN, the Citizens Awareness Network, a grassroots environmental organization working to end the use of unaffordable and dangerous nuclear power in the Northeast and replace it with sustainable, reliable and affordable energy generation.

The Silhouette: Identities and Archetypes
March 28- April 29, 2006, at STCC
The Silhouette: Identities and Archetypes The Silhouette: Identities and Archetypes

March 28- April 29, 2006
Artists reception: Friday, March 31, 5- 7pm

There is something primary about silhouettes. They have an ability to conjure direct memories, feelings, yet they also possess degrees of assumed veracity. Silhouettes are a form of archetype: a universal armature onto which we hang our personal history and subjectivity. Attaining the shape, we are left to fill in the details, the story.

In this exhibit the artist Randal Thurston cuts shapes that are at once familiar, yet are not simply copies of his subjects. He carefully composes an assortment of forms that are both individual and members of a larger organization. “I think the most salient aspect of the silhouette is its versatile ability to be a vessel for projected emotion.”

Paul Bloomfield’s work employs the silhouette while subjecting it to the photographic process. “My work is an attempt at recognizing commonality of form and its infinite variations.” Portraits are recognizable as much by what they offer as by what the viewer projects. In both the work of these artists, identity is transient and rooted in history.

The Amy H. Carberry Fine Arts Gallery, located on the first floor of Building 28, is open Tuesday through Friday, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. throughout the academic year. For more information contact Larry Slezak at 755-5258 or 755-5288. Directions


Various Calls for Submissions - arranged by deadline?
Stamp that SASE & Squeegee the slides.
Marshmellows April 10, 2006 Call For Artists! Exhibition: June 15 - July 1, 2006

Art at Large, New York City's Premier Underground /Erotic Art Gallery. 4th Annual Juried competition with gallery exhibition in JUNE 2006. Juror: Pet Silvia, curator, artist, and lecturer, "The Art Business for Artists". All media accepted in: Erotic Art, Nudes, Outsider, Lowbrow, Pop Surrealism, Underground, Alternative - all styles will be considered. Open to all artists 18 years of age and older in the US and internationally. Cash Awards: Best in Show - $500 and selection of works represented prominently on our website for sale. 2nd & 3rd place winners $100 each and select works presented on the site for sale. All works in the show will be available for sale. For a Prospectus: either download from our website http://www.artatlarge.com/pages/ArtSubs.htm OR email us at: gallery@artatlarge.com OR send SASE to: Art at Large, 630 Ninth Av #707, New York NY 10036. For more information visit: http://www.artatlarge.com

May 10, 2006 CURRENT: The Aesthetics of Contemporary Culture
to be held at Baton Rouge Gallery Center for Contemporary Art, June 4th - June 29th, 2006. This exhibition explores avenues including electronic culture, the media, web and posters design, youth culture, music, digital graphics, video games, increasing globalization, and rapidly changing technologies. We are accepting submissions in all media. Open to artists 18 and over living in the U.S. $25/3 digital submissions (only). Cash prizes awarded. All work must be for sale. Insurance. BRGCCA will retain a 50% commission. Deadline for application is May 10, 2006. Full prospectus available at: www.batonrougegallery.org. Call us at: 225-383- 1470. Baton Rouge Gallery, 1442 City Park Av, Baton Rouge LA 70808.

April 14, 2006 VIRIDIAN ARTISTS' 17th National Juried Competition
open to U.S. artists working in 2-D & 3-D media. Entries juried by noted art critic & Guggenheim Museum curator Robert Rosenblum. 1st prize: solo show/ 2nd & 3rd prize: 2 person show. Group show & continuous slide show: July 6 - 26. $25/3 entries, $5 each additional. Send SASE for prospectus to: VIRIDIAN ARTISTS INC, 530 West 25th St, New York NY 10001. Or download from our web site: www.viridianartists.com

April 21, 2006 Call for Art- "Fiber Fever".
Exhibition Dates: June 9-July 21, 2006.
Open to all working artists, accepting artwork that explores the expressive uses of any kind of fiber. May be functional, non-functional, traditional, contemporary, woven, felted, knitted, twined, paper, quilted, stitched, or unexpected. Awards one "Going Solo" or $1,000 cash and one Group 4 Award. A maximum of three entries per artist for jury may be submitted with a non- refundable fee of $35 One slide/jpeg/ per entry or submit a CD. Use jpeg on PC format only. (Do not use photo shop or other software to submit.) Applications are available at: www.foundryartcentre.org. Email jpegs to: showentry@foundryartcentre.org. Complete entry form and mail with fee to: Foundry Art Centre, 520 North Main Center St, Charles MO 63301 OR 636-255-0270

JUROR: TRICIA YUNJOO PAIK, CURATORIAL ASSISTANT, DEPT. OF DRAWINGS, THE MUSEUM OF MODERN ART, NY. ALL MEDIA. AWARD: SOLO/GROUP SHOW. Prospectus: www.phoenix- gallery.com OR info@phoenix-gallery.com OR Send SASE to: Phoenix Gallery, 210 Eleventh Av Suite 902, New York NY 10001.

April 29, 2006 Alpan International 2006 - Juried Art Exhibition.
The exhibit takes place Sep 2 - 7, 2006, in Huntington, Long Island, New York. Open to artists 18 yrs & older working in two and three dimensions in any media. Awards: Group Show, $1,000 cash for "Best in Show". Juror: Professor Donald Kuspit. $30 for three images. $5 for each additional image. For details visit: http://www.alpangallery.org. Prospectus is available online: http://www.alpangallery.org/events.aspx. Or artists can send a SASE to: Alpan Gallery, 2 West Carver St, Huntington Long Island NY 11743. For more information contact John Remsen at: info@alpangallery.org OR call: 631-423-4433.

May 19, 2006 19th Annual Northern National Art Competition.
Open to U.S. Artists 18 or older. May submit 2 slides of 2-D art in any medium. Three $1000 Awards of Excellence. Over $8500 total in prize money. Juror/Judge: Renowned photographer, printmaker and author Phyllis Galembo. Entry Fee $25.00-All proceeds from sales go to the artists. For Prospectus send business sized SASE to NAC (Northern Arts Council), Box 916, Rhinelander WI 54428. Email Katherine Ralph: kralph@nicoletcollege.edu OR 715-365-4556. Postmark deadline for entries is May 19, 2006. Opening Reception July 25, 2006. Web: http://www.nicoletcollege.edu/artgal/artgall.htm OR Contact: Dori Brown, Northern Arts Council, 715-362-3963

April 30, 2006 SEEKING SUBMISSIONS FROM ALL VISUAL ARTISTS: in glass, painting, drawings, printmaking, sculpture, and photography; for solo shows in fall 2006 and themed proposals for the 2007 year. HOURGLASS is a new artspace in San Diego, CA with shows of regional, national and international known and emerging artists with passion and drive for making a statement with art in the world. offering classes, workshops and (soon) artist in residency. Send $25, 5 slides or CD (Jpeg format) with artist bio to: HOURGLASS director, Raziah Roushan, 1192 Sunset Dr, Vista CA 92081

May 1, 2006 The Artist's Magazine's Annual Art Competition Enter your artwork in the 23rd Annual Art Competition sponsored by The Artist's Magazine. More than $25,000 in cash prizes will be awarded, and Top Award Winners will be featured in the December 2006 issue of The Artist's Magazine! Plus, 13 finalists will be featured in The Artist's Magazine's 2007 Calendar! There are 5 categories for you to compete and win in: Portrait & Figure, Still Life, Landscape, Experimental and Animal Art. Plus, there's a Special Student/Beginner Division for new artists. For details and an entry form visit: Terri Boes, F&W Publications, 4700 E Galbraith Rd, Cincinnati OH 45236 OR 513-531-2690 x1328 OR http://www.artistsnetwork.com/specialoffers.asp? ADL06 OR art-competition@fwpubs.com

May 1, 2006 National Lower Town Art and Music Festival. Festival dates are May 26th through May 28th, 2006. Open to artists over 18 years of age residing in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Entries must be original fine art or fine craft. Selections will be made from a review of 35 mm slides or digital images in the form of jpeg files (maximum dimension of eight inches in image size minimum resolution 300dpi). A non-refundable entry fee of $25 entitles the artist to submit up to four (4) images, three images of original work and one image of booth. If accepted, artists can choose from three booth sizes that range in fees from $100 to $150 At this yearblocation Program where over 70 artists have moved to from across the country. For information on this years festival call (270) 444-8690 or write to City of Paducah, Planning Department, Lower Town Art & Music Festival, 300 South 5th St, Paducah KY 42003. You may also e-mail for a prospectus to: mbarone@ci.paducah.ky.us OR go online and download a prospectus at: www.paducaharts.com.

May 12, 2006 Annual Juried Art Competition, call for entries - Teris & The South Arkansas Arts Center are hosting SAAC's 2006 Annual Juried Art Competition for 2-D fine artist working in any media. The exhibit will be held June 29 - July 28. Total cash awards of $1700 1 slide $10 or 3 slides $25 Juror: Mary Anderson, Artist from Ocean Springs, MS. For details or a prospectus visit our website or send a SASE to: SAAC Juried Show, 110 East 5th St, El Dorado AR 71730 OR 870-862-5474 OR Download prospectus on the website: www.saac- arts.org

May 31, 2006 STRANGE FIGURATIONS A thematic exhibition open to all interpretations of the concept, Strange Figurations. Open to all figurative styles from the realist to the surreal and visionary. Open to all media. 72" maximum dimension. The exhibition will be held at the Limner Gallery, September 1 - 24, 2006. National magazine publication awards. On-line entry form at: http://www.slowart.com/prospectus/figure.htm OR email: slowart@aol.com OR send SASE to: SlowArt Productions, Box 503, Phoenicia NY 12464

May 31, 2006 Call for Entries: Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge The National Science Foundation and the journal Science, published by the AAAS, invite you to participate in the fourth annual Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. The international competition recognizes scientists, engineers, visualization specialists, and artists for producing or commissioning innovative work in visual communication. The ability to convey the essence and excitement of research in digitized images, color diagrams, multimedia and animation has given researchers the perspective needed to set new research directions and equipped other citizens to see and understand complex science concepts. Award categories: Photographs, Illustrations, Interactive Media, Non-Interactive Media and Informational Graphics. Winners in each category will be published in the September 22, 2006 issue of Science Magazine and Science Online and displayed on the NSF website. The competition is currently open to the public; no entry fee. For complete entry information, please contact: American Association for the Advancement of Science OR http://www.nsf.gov/news/special_reports/scivis/index .jsp

June 20, 2006 The Camera Club of New York announces its 2006 National Photography Competition. The competition is open to all US residents 18 years or older except members of the Camera Club of New York or their families, and employees. Freestanding pieces will not be accepted. We are most pleased that Antonin Kratochvil renowned photographer and documentarian, will be our Juror. Each entry will consist of either 6 digital entries on CD or 6 slides with a fee of $35.00 Chosen artist will receive a one-person exhibition in our Alfred Lowenherz Gallery and a cash award of $300 Other finalists will participate in a group show. Send self-addressed stamped envelope for prospectus to: 2006 National Photography Competition, Camera Club of New York, 853 Broadway, New York NY 10003 OR visit our website at: www.cameraclubofnewyork.org, download an entry form and view the complete rules and information about The Camera Club of New York.

A NOTE ABOUT THE CALLS FOR ARTISTS ENTRIES: I have paid subscriptions to these lists and simply sut and paste the email info I receive. I try to scan all entries and correct deadlines as I see them but mostly i paste them as I get them. So, if you are interested in any of these venues I suggest you follow the links and download the prospecti (?) and check dates for accurate deadlines and details.
With 15 people sitting on my lap it is difficult to double check all the facts and all that. But it's lots of good info you'd have to pay to get and here it is for free so just beware that you need to do some checking.

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