January 9, 2006

Dear you there, Mo,
It seems that my usual email client is mischievous and often randomly drops innocent people from my list (such as David Mello, for instance). So I am trying out this new HTML email applet. I hope you like it. It has some snazzy features that may be helpful. Now you can click on *forward* at the bottom of the page and send it to all of your friends and co-dependents and they will automatically get a link so they can officially *subscribe*, thus making them magically non-co-dependent. (whoa.)

Any oddities, blatant errors, typos and run-on sentences will naturally be assumed to be the fault of this new and highly culpable email software thingie service. This color combination may seem to be a bit odd but is actually based on very deep thoughts and highly symbolic things, some of which are explained within the email while others shall remain a mysterious mystery...

Fran Kidder @ The Oxbow Gallery
January 5-February 5, 2006
Paintings and drawings by Fran Kidder will be on display at
The Oxbow Gallery
, 275 Pleasant St., Northampton,
January 5- February 5, 2006.

There will be an Opening Reception Friday, Jan. 13th, 5-8, in conjunction with Arts Night Out.
Gallery Hours : Thurs-Sun 12-5

This exhibit explores the relationship between people and their pets ...

Be sure to look for the painting entitled, "Mo and Jamoka".
It is a painting of me and my dog at The White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

“By Hand” Group mixed media show @ A.P.E.
January 5 - 31
January 5 - 31 / ALL GALLERIES

Artist’s Reception: Jan.13, 5-7 pm

"By Hand” Group mixed media show curated by Elizabeth Stone.
With work by the following artists:
Nanny Vonnegut, Susan Mikula, Sondra Peron, Caitlin Cali, BZ Reilly, Chuck Stern, Nan Flemming, Aaron Piziali, Pamela Glaven, Roz Driscoll, Liz Chalfin, Robert Tobey, Lindsay Palermo, Christine O’Hara, Gregory Stone, Peggy Grose, Elizabeth Stone.

Have Another Nuclear Device
Work by Gordon Thorne

Paper, Scissors, Rock: Artist’s Recent Wood Sculpture about Hands By Michael Tillyer

Peggy Grose @ The NCA
January 13, 7-11 pm
The Center will be closed from January 1 through 12. During this period and extending through the third week in January, the ballroom will receive an extreme makeover—a fresh coat of paint to go along with its recently refinished floor. Works by artist and house painter Peggy Grose, who is painting the ballroom, will be on display in the Center’s east gallery during January. The gallery will be open when the painter is "in residence" (weekdays).

As an extra added attraction, Peggy Grose will host an event at the Center for the Arts on Northampton's Arts Night Out, January 13, "Wild & Crazy Painting/Sedate Dancing" from 7 to 11 p.m. The painting is Peggy's; the dancing is for everybody!

Arcadia Players Celebrate Mozart’s 250th Birthday
Saturday, January 28 at 8 pm at Hills Chapel, Smith College, Northampton
NORTHAMPTON—Arcadia Players will celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with a concert of two symphonies and a beloved serenade, Saturday, January 28 at 8 pm at Hills Chapel, Smith College, Northampton.
Conducting the concert will be Arcadia’s Artistic Director Ian Watson, who will also give a pre-concert talk at 7:10 in the chapel.

For more info: Contact: Anne Vittoria at 413-256- 4888 or

Art classes @ Paragon Arts & Industries
Register Now
Register now for classes at the Paragon Arts and Industries building 150 Pleasant Street, in Easthampton at the Barbara Johnson Studio School.
registering students now for three workshops
Tuesdays, Wednesdays- 9:15- 12:15 a.m. and Thursday nights 6:30 to 9:30.
Studio 232/234. They (each) are ten week workshops in Classical Painting Techniques for new and experienced painters.
Classes begin the week of January 15, 2006.

For registration or more info email

Always in style. Get yours.
"So many of us were caught off guard by the onslaught of those yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon magnets. How did they become so widespread at such a rapid pace, and how did they quickly morph from a "neutral" stance in support of our troops to a pro-war pro-Bush message? ......

"I designed the Peace Ribbon shown here as my response. Based on the peace symbol, and integrating the yellow ribbon — the Peace Ribbon takes back the yellow ribbon as a symbol for those who want to support our troops — through peace." --Maureen Scanlon (my idol)

A GREAT idea! ---->Buy peace ribbons at Amherst Books!

Studio Available in Amherst
Studio space available at the 16 Main Street arts building in downtown Amherst above Russell's Liquor Store. The space is small but inexpensive and sunny. Call Rachel Folsom at 256-0150.

Girl Howdy @ The Charlemont Inn
Sunday, January 15, 4-7 pm.
Sun Jan 15 - From the desk of Betsy-Dawn Williams--

Girl Howdy be playing for the Charlemont Inn's Annual Chili Cook-off on Sunday evening, in a benefit to raise funds for this cute hilltown's July 4th Fireworks. In appreciation of Sunday not being the best day for a late night shindig, let me tellya right now, it's a nice n' convenient, Monday-morning- friendly timeslot!

(Some of you lucky folks may have Monday off from day-jobs, as it's Martin Luther King Day)

We'll be honkytonkin' at the Inn, from 4 to 7pm. $7 buckaroos gets you in the door, and includes chili to boot! So c'mon up and warm up at the Charlemont Inn with some down-home chili and honkytonk.
The Charlemont Inn is located on Rte 2 in Charlemont, MA, west of Greenfield, and near the Berkshire East Ski Resort.
For more information: 413-339-5796 or www.charlem

Come see them debut their new single, "I put hexes on all my exes"! <--just kidding.

Go for the hair! (Betsy-Dawn's award-winning hair), Stay for the Twang!

This is me taking Amy *The Bannerqueen* Johnquest (my other idol) out for sushi. I chose this background color to match her beautiful dress. She first wore it years ago at The Cotillion Ball.

Everyone say hi to Amy.

Utepe amani abudiwa chumbia wote furahi. Bas, ambatana kigoe amani bashasha. <--This is Swahili for "peace ribbons are worshipped by and love all happy. Therefore, cling together small hooked stick for pulling fruit off trees by peace joyfulness" (rough translation).

So, I tried to say something deep about peace ribbons in Swahili because I wish everyone had one on their car and this is what I came up with.