abstract spoon still life
May 11, 2006
At The Cummington Community Center

Ted Eisman

(unapproved exhibit title courtesy of Amy Johnquest)

Paintings by
Ted Eisman
During the month of May at
the Cummington Community House,
Main Street, Cummington
Full Moon reception this Saturday from 6 - 8pm.

So, that's all the information I have on Ted's show so I am going to make up more stuff to justify a separate edition of the newsletter although those of you who know Ted can understand why he justifies his own edition of the newsletter and if you don't know Ted you should and the best way to do that is to go to the reception staurday night in Cummington because it will be great and the community center is really easy to find and I found it once without a single U-turn.

(That started as 4 sentences but I merged it into one because I love a good run-on sentence.)

Art Thefts

This is a random sampling of some of Ted's finest work.

You may recognize some of these masterpieces from that class you took in, "The World's Greatest Art Thefts". Well here is your chance, saturday night, to see these elusive masterpieces in the canvas.

But not really because I made the whole thing up, having no images of Ted's work to insert here.

See you at Ted's.

Of artbureau.com acclaim and movie night at Eastworks thensome
Denid Luzuriaga image Thanks Denis! (Original illustration lifted without permission from Denis' website. the theme of this edition seems to be THEFT.)

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