May 11, 2006
Turner's Falls Open Studios and Downtown Art Walk

Turners Falls Art

On Saturday and Sunday, May 20 and May 21, from 10-5 Turner's Falls will be abuzz with Open Studios- Tim deChristopher, Great Lighting, Alan Thornton, DVD Portraits by Carlyn Saltman, Wednesday Nelena Sorokin, and Jack Nelson.

The Great Falls Art Fest will have a variety of offerings and the Great Falls Discovery Center has events planned. There's the Hallmark Museum of Contmeporary Art, Books and More, and a variety of restaurants.

Pictured at left, "Look Away" 29" x 29" encaustic and oil by Wednesday Nelena Sorokin (Whose studio will only be open from 1-5 on Saturday and 2-5 on Sunday.)

Gay Scarf Causing Uproar in New Zealand
A real news story
gay scarf I threw in this little news item to add some content to this late breaking announcement. It's my favorite accompanying news image of the day. Simon's feelings of injustice are palpable.

And I just love the *apology*.
And I don't want to hear that the background is too dark. It matches the lovely saffron scarf.

Comments in the article are inserted by the blogger from whom I cut and pasted the story and are not the opinions of this newsletter.

Comments by police recruiters about a scarf at a Christchurch, New Zealand career expo have made headlines after a man was told his scarf was "too gay."

Simon Calcinai reportedly approached the booth where the police officers were seated, wearing the "dull orange" scarf (actually it looks closer to saffron or maybe pumpkin, and if that's not a gay observation I don't know what is) and inquired about joining the police force.

Calcinai: "I was at the police table having a chat and the woman (officer) said, 'You might want to lose that scarf'. The other guy then said, 'Yeah, it's a bit too gay'. I was pretty shocked and didn't know what to say. I don't think this is appropriate behaviour and I think that people should be made aware of these negative attitudes. He should think twice about (saying) that sort of thing. I guess he was joking, but it hushed me up a bit. Someone else could have been deeply upset. He is the only person who has ever commented on the scarf."

The senior recruitment officer for the force made the comment, and sent an email apology to Calcinai, who was with his girlfriend at the expo: "Unfortunately, you have taken the comments personally and it certainly wasn't intended to offend. Yes, we do recruit lesbian and gay male officers."

Police ran "inclusiveness training" last year to try and eliminate homophobia. Guess they better run that class again.

Kudos to Mr. Calcinai for reporting it, and for proudly flaunting his scarf, whatever its sexuality.

FULL ARTICLE - Man's Scarf a Bit Too Gay For Police [stuff]

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Denid Luzuriaga image Thanks Denis!

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