June 13, 2006
A more realistic version of *that* movie


Every once in a while it will be late at night and I will be doing the more routine parts of assembling this newsletter and then the evil light bulb will go on over my head and this is what happens. And I often think better of it. But it's usually too late.

So in my version of that movie (based on the patented Dan Brown plot formula) two ordinary guys go to Stonehenge with a group of Dashieki wearing Mennonite-Kosher-Baptist Tourists from Des Moines and accidentally stumble onto a very complicated and overwrought plot by extremely evil fashion designers to kill all the people and Disney characters for a new line of evil apparel.

Knowing nothing of evil or plots or fashion and having modest IQs (see image) they somehow manage to avoid all attempts on their lives, uncover the true meaning of life, find flaws in Einstein's Theory of Relativity (written on their Dashiekis in code), unlock the mystery of Stonehenge and bring Leonardo Da Vinci back to life (who is mystified at all the speculation about the true identity of Mona Lisa as it was simply the lunch lady at his art school).

Along the way they inevitably decipher things which even the Mensa folks can't comprehend, rescue people and fix those fuzzy parts of history and teach everyone they encounter about humanity and love.

All in time to catch the greyhound bus back to Iowa for the semi-annual Bocce tournament.

Last night I was working late on this newsletter when I heard this really loud noise which sounded like a giant furnace outside my window. As it turns out there was a hot air balloon which was way off course and just barely made it over the Canal Building. JR, who runs this building, took some pictures of it from the garden below, looking up at the bottom of the balloon. We watched it struggle across the canal and head to Chicopee with cars following it. It seemed to be kinda low on fire actually. The pictures JR took are being developed and scanned right now and I will post them later on local.masslive.com
The images should be posted by 12:30 ish so check local.masslive to see them. Or not.


OPENING RECEPTION: FRIDAY, June 30, 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Zea mays Printmaking germination - New Work by Liz Chalfin and Alison Williams
June 20 - July 21, 2006
OPENING RECEPTION: FRIDAY, June 30, 5:30 - 7:30 PM

The Gallery at Zea Mays Printmaking is pleased to host the exhibit, germination - New Work by Liz Chalfin and Alison Williams. The gallery is located at 221 Pine Street, on the third floor of the Arts and Industry Building in Florence, MA. Please call the gallery for summer hours - 413.584.1783.

In this joint exhibit, both Liz Chalfin and Alison Williams utilize photopolymer printmaking to incorporate elements of drawing, photography and found materials into layered monoprints.

Chalfin explores many ways that humanity is involved in the act of creation / destruction in a new series of prints. Chalfin states: “As human beings we are all creators in one sense or another - we make objects, relationships, experiences. And at this point in human history we also make life in a way never achieved before. Humanity is intricately involved in the physical, spiritual and metaphysical act of creation - we are the architects of our own evolution. These prints strive to give a sense of the beauty, fragility and potential inherent in our current state of creative power.” She explores these issues in her work through the use of symbolism. Against a backdrop of cellular matter, which reads like text across the skin-like paper, are juxtaposed images of tulips and human organs. The tulip becomes the potent symbol for both the lengths we go to to create an ideal, and the currency that such an endeavor generates. The human organs dangle or float. They are beautiful in their own right, and visually so connected to the plant and mineral world, yet out of context they serve no purpose and become disconnected artifacts.

Williams tries to translate her political and social ideas as well as convey her love and concern for the environment through her work. The images she uses are collected from books, poems, drawings, photographs, nature and textiles as well as old letters and writings that she has found. She enjoys taking old and disused objects and redefining them, making them take on a new life, changing them to relate in new ways with other objects. Williams’ work is about interpretation and transformation, about relationships between old to new, between objects, colors and textures as well as between herself and the viewer. Inspired by landscapes large and small, her latest work focuses on growth, memory and uses plant imagery to create layered patterns. The prints are at times presented as they came from the press and at other times transformed, enlarged or reduced by digital means, then printed onto paper or fabric.

Alison Williams is an artist specializing in Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Photography. A native of New Zealand, she has a Drawing and Painting Degree from Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Liz Chalfin is visual artist and art educator. She is founder and director and resident artist of Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence, Massachusetts. Zea Mays Printmaking is a studio/workshop dedicated to research, education and collaborations in safer and non-toxic printmaking. Chalfin teaches workshops at Zea Mays and on the road at colleges and art centers regionally. She is also adjunct faculty in Lesley University’s Creative Arts in Learning graduate program. She exhibits her prints, drawings and artist’s books nationally in solo and group exhibitions. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Smith College Museum of Art and Mortimer Rare Book Room, the DeCordova Museum and the Boston Public Library. Chalfin has had solo exhibitions at the University of Maine, Augusta and the Wisteriahurst Museum.

Child’s Play: irony & consequence

Exhibition Opportunity
Child’s Play: irony & consequence

The Student Union Gallery at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is seeking proposals for an upcoming multi-genre exhibit in October 2006 on the theme of Child’s Play: irony & consequence. The exhibit will be held from October 23rd - 27th. The opening will integrate a brief cross-genre reading on the theme.
We invite artists to submit artworks in any medium or format—photography, sculpture, video, painting, interdisciplinary.

Submissions must include:
1. Artist’s statement.
2. Current resume.

3. Self-addressed stamped envelope (materials will not be returned without a SASE).
4. Up to 3 slides (numbered and labeled with artist’s name, title of work, date, media, dimensions of work, and red dot indicating top of slide); or digital slides on a CD; or CD for audio submissions; or DVD for video submissions.
Deadline for entries: August 1st, 2006. Entry Fee: $5.00 (checks payable to: JC Tibbo/INSIDEOUT ARTS)

Shipping: Artists will be notified by September 1st. Artists are responsible for shipping/delivering their artwork to the gallery Friday, October 20th (12-6pm) and retrieving their work Saturday, October 28th (12-6pm).

Installation: All work MUST be received ready for installation with proper hanging devices ATTACHED and instructions where necessary.

Agreement: We reserve the right to photograph accepted works for publicity and educational purposes. We reserve the right to reject works that differ from the slide. We are not responsible for works left after the pick-up date.
Submit entry materials to: JC Tibbo/INSIDEOUT ARTS
18 Dewey Court
Northampton, MA 01060
413-552-6462 insideoutarts@verizon.net

Dance Class will honor New Orleans and help the hurricane recovery effort

Alicia Morton will offer a special 7 week Dance and Stretch class at the Barn Studio in Amherst, using New Orleans music, with all proceeds going to the Women's Health and Justice initiative of New Orleans.
Starts Tuesday June 20.

Dance and Stretch is a special seven week movement class being offered by instructor Alicia Morton at the Barn Studio, 21 Dickinson Street, Amherst.

Joyful Zydeco, Cajun, funk, jazz and other music will provide energy and the proceeds will be donated to the Women's Health and Justice Initiative of New Orleans. The Women's Health and Justice Initiative is a group of local health care practitioners and organizers working with the People's Hurricane Relief Fund to provide quality health care that is safe and affordable to low income and uninsured women and girls of color.

The class will meet from 5:15 to 6:15 starting Tuesday June 20. A donation of $10 per class is requested. The requested donation for the full seven week session is $65 For more information call Alicia Morton, 253-1499

June 2 - June 29, Reception June 10, 2-4
Stan Scherer The Hosmer Gallery at the Forbes Library, Northampton Massahusetts, will present Shopkeepers, by Northampton photographer Stan Sherer, from June 2 through June 29.

The show, consisting of 48 photographic works on paper, explores the world of the shopkeeper and shopkeepers around the world.
Sherer has photographed small shops and their proprietors for more than 40 years in France, China, Israel, Mali, Ghana, Burkina Faso, the Philippines, Albania, Hungary, as well as in the United States. Included in the exhibition will be several Northampton shops that he frequents regularly.

Sherer describes the portraits in Shopkeepers as candid moments. “Although in practice shopkeepers are often in contact with customers or others who work in the store, I see them as centers of the self-contained universe of their daily work. Through this exhibition, I want the viewer to have a subjective experience of not only that of the small shop but to be in the shop and absorb its atmosphere.” Sherer’s work is in the tradition of street photography. “The shopkeepers, as part of the milieu that constitutes life on the sidewalks, became a primary recurring theme in my work. Preparing this exhibition has provided me with an opportunity to formalize this on-going interest and bring this work together for the first time.”

Sherer was a Fulbright scholar in Albania in 1994 and has worked for news organizations such as the Associated Press and Time Magazine. He is the author of four books, including Long Life to Your Children: a Portrait of High Albania and Founding Farms. He retired in 2003 after eighteen years as news photographer for the University of Massachusetts and has just completed the MFA printmaking program at UMass. “My work in printmaking has enriched and broadened the way I print my images. I am now handcoating printmaking and watercolor papers with an ink receiving-layer for digital printing. This process produces prints with a richness and depth I could not achieve in the standard digital process. In addition, the handcoating technique imbues a handmade look.”

Descriptive passages from literature are included in the exhibition. Sherer’s selections from short stories and novels evoke the shopkeepers’ inner world as well as the physical surroundings of the shopkeeper.

The opening reception will be Saturday, June 10, 2-4pm. Gallery hours are:

Mon: 1-9
Tue: 1-5
Wed: 9-9
Thur: 1-5
Fri & Sat: 9-5

Mark Lane-Davies is giving up his studio at Arts & Industry.
This studio is about 1500 sq feet in all and the rent is $430 per month until the end of December, at which point it will be up for renegotiation with the current landlords.
It has a bathroom, loft and additional storage loft.
In the spirit of disclosure, the building is officially up for sale and the rent may go up quite a bit. But it is a really nice studio and worth a look and some inquiries.
Call 917 447 6436 or email marklanedavies@yahoo.com
Studio available for rent at the sullivan building in Northamton, across the street from the Academy of Music.
Call Gina at 584-7280.
Great space and in town.
GREAT rental price

Friday, June 23, 5:30-8:00 PM
mary witt Friday June 23 , The Duo of Mary Witt (vocals and bass) and Zack Danziger (vocals and jazz guitar) of The O-Tones in Florence, MA will perform at The Cup and Top Café, 1 North Main St. Suite 2, 413-585-0445.

Dinner music from 5:30-8 pm. Great food including soups, salads, sandwiches, coffee, tea, and desserts!

It's a family affair (if you want it to be).

June 9 through the end of August
Art Farm
Some of you may recall an earlier issue announcing The Art farm project. Here is an update with images from Jan O'Highway, a very witty and talented artist on our newsletter list from across the pond!

I love the quotes about this project. I wish I could make a surprise visit.

June 2 – 18 2006 10am - 6pm
Middle Rocombe Farm, Stokeinteignhead, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 4QL

The Art Farm Project is thrilled by the press coverage we’ve received so far and want to share this with you.

The event is open until 6pm on Sunday 18th June, so there is still plenty of time to come along.

With almost 30 artists exhibiting there is more than ‘spilt milk’ here and we’d love to have your view on the works

email: info @artfarmproject.co.uk
Tel: 01626 873 880

Coming up
Radio Devon (103.4FM, 94.8FM, 95.7FM, 95.8FM, 96FM, 104.3FM and Digital Radio) The Review weekly arts programme 6-7pm Thursday 8th June with presenter Jo Loosemore

Daily Telegraph 2 June 2006
biggest yoghurt in the world
(a) tank of milk turning sour is art (artist Martin White says) the decaying foodstuff will represent the decline in dairy farming while giving the public a chance to see the chemistry when it goes off. The artwork will remain on display until it becomes so rotten and smelly it will have to be removed’

Mid Devon Advertiser 2 June 2006
’a fantastic range of work for people to look at and experience - Middle Rocombe Farm invaded by nearly 30 artists (creating) new work inspired by the farm’

Western Morning News 1 June 2006
’Gallons of milk to be thrown away for “art” A Devon farming leader has branded a publicly funded artistic experiment as “pointless”

’Who’d have thought you could mark out the demise in farming by a collection of dead wellies? Wellie you can, and to good effect. It was just one of the displays at the lastest incarnation of the Art Farm Project.’

Western Morning News 2 June 2006
‘Artist hits back at critics of sour milk project branded the work “pointless” and a “waste of food”, (artist Martin White said) quantities larger than this are thrown away on a daily basis I’m just an artist doing my bit to support farmers’

Herald Express 31 May 2006
‘Don’t cry over this spilt milk
this split milk is likely to generate fierce debate. The Art Farm Project shows the life and spirit of the valley, through the artists’ work, tackling many issues from diversity to light forms.’

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/devon/5035336.stm Download interview with Martin White - interview1.mp3

Times Online

Art News Blog

BBC South West Spotlight 1 June 2006

ITV West Country 1 June 2006

Opening reception June 9 from 5-7pm.
NCA Harriet Diamond and Lydia Nettler will present two installations in their show, "Imperatives", opening at the Center for the Arts on June 2 and running through June 29.

An opening reception will be held on June 9 from 5-7pm.

Harriet Diamond’s mini- installation, No War! features the Northampton Peace vigil and scenes of marching and protest in NYC and DC in painted relief and sculpture.

Lydia Nettler’s installation, Break Away uses large charcoal drawings and sculpture to surround the viewer in a psychological environment based on Northampton’s natural surrounding.

The Center for the Arts is located at 17 New South St. on the third floor of Sullivan square in Northampton. Gallery hours are on Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 4pm and on Saturday from noon to 4pm. For more information call 413-594-7327

July 12th deadline for proposal submissions

The Turners Falls RiverCulture Project is seeking 3 qualified artists to create non permanent works of public art that will serve both decorative and informational functions in locations in the heart of downtown Turners Falls.

In order to obtain artistic diversity, submissions are limited to one piece per artist. Geared toward pedestrians, they should create visual interest and provide a display place for project
Turners Falls call for public artinformation about local history and culture (approx 1 sq ft), a map (approx 4-5 sq ft) and a space to accommodate printed fliers and public event postings (approx 4-5 sq.ft).

Possible themes can include, but are not limited to, the natural environment of the Connecticut River watershed, New England mill town architecture, industry along the hydropower canal, or Western Massachusetts Native American presence.

Sculptures must withstand severe outdoor weather with wind, cold and hot temperatures for up to three years and should be low maintenance and durable. Site locations present a wide variety of viewer options, from people walking and shopping, to theater, art and restaurant patrons to those living, working, recreating and visiting in Turners Falls. Site locations include the ‘common’ at Peskeomskut Park, the main intersection at the corner of Avenue A and Third Street, and the canalside bike path near Unity Park.

Please visit www.turnersfallsriverculture.blogspot.com for site pictures and a complete description and history of Turners Falls.

Three pieces will be chosen. The budget for each commission will be $3,300, ($1,000 for artist’s fee and $2,300 for construction materials, delivery, assembly and installation requirements.) Any adult artist 21 years or older may enter artwork concepts for consideration by the selection committee. All proposals must include:

1) a resume and artist statement
2) a one page written description of the work and enough simple drawings of the concept to give an accurate visual impression of the finished work.
3) plan for construction and installation
4) disc containing a maximum of 10 digital jpeg images of recent work.
5) A detailed budget of how funds will be utilized.
6) Optional self addressed stamped envelope for return of materials
7) Up to three relevant reviews, essays or catalogues (optional).

Any information to be viewed on a computer must be PC compatible. A selection committee made up of Project RiverCulture partners, town officials and outside jurors specializing in the field will review proposal submissions and background information to select the winning proposals.

Project timeline:
July 12th deadline for proposal submissions
July 26th award notifications
September 26th installation of selected work


Proposals and related materials should be sent to RiverCulture Project, One Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01376. Proposals will not be accepted via email. For questions and to respond with interest, please email Lisa Davol at riverculture@montague.net

Augusten Burroughs Reading TOMORROW NIGHT
Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 7:30 P.M. - ADVANCE TIX NEEDED
Augusten Burroughs WFCR presents

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 at 7:30 P.M.
Chapin Auditorium
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, Mass.

Augusten Burroughs is the author of "Running with Scissors," "Dry," and "Magical Thinking," all of which were New York Times bestsellers published around the world. The film version of "Running With Scissors," starring Annette Bening and Gwyneth Paltrow and directed by Ryan Murphy ("Nip/Tuck"), is set for a fall 2006 release. Augusten has been named one of the 15 funniest people in America by Entertainment Weekly. He lives in New York City and western Massachusetts.

Augusten will read from and sign his new book, "Possible Side Effects" (St. Martin's Press). The book release date is May 2006.

For information on "Possible Side Effects" and Augusten Burroughs, see: http://www.augusten.com/.

Sponsors: Mount Holyoke College, the Advocate Newspapers, and the Odyssey Bookshop.

Tickets (general admission within sections) are priced $30-$70 with a copy of "Possible Side Effects" and $10-$50 without the book. They are available from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Fine Arts Center Box Office by phone (413-545-2511 or 800- 999-UMASS), or online through http://www.wfcr.org/. Producer's Circle tickets include preferential seating and admission to the 6:30 P.M. pre-event reception.

I would do this just for the food credit, yet such a worthy purpose
I am available to help use the food credit if you are The Chosen One. Sounds like a fab project.

A Call to Artists!

The Green Street Café announces a call for proposals by artists interested in creating a two-dimensional wall mural to be located inside the Green Street Café on Green Street in Northampton, MA

GOAL ­ The goal of this project is to highlight the decision of Smith College and the City of Northampton to discontinue Green Street in favor of the development and construction of an engineering complex.

SITE DESCRIPTION ­ The wall chosen for the project is located inside the Green Street Café and is 28¹ L x 8.5¹ H in size.
There is overhead lighting and large street-side windows that flood the space with light. The wall surface is painted plaster.

SELECTION PROCESS ­­ A panel of three judges, Michael Kusek, Bob Antil and Steve Calcagnino will review submissions and select the winning proposal. The winner will be announced on July 5th.

SELECTION CRITERIA ­ All proposals will be judged on the following: 1) artistic merit 2) suitability of the proposal in relation to the project goals and the artist's ability to carry out the proposal within budget and on schedule.

ARTIST ELIGIBILITY ­ Artists from all walks of life are invited to submit proposals. Excluded from participation are staff members at Green Street Café, members of the mural project and their families.

APPLICATION PROCESS ­ All applications must include:
A.) A one-page written explanation of the concept.
B.) Sketches or other visuals that convey the proposed mural idea. If submitting a CD or other digital media, all should be Apple compatible.
C.) Up to ten 35mm slides in a plastic sheet or 8.5² x 11² portfolio sheets. Slides/portfolio should be labeled with the artists name.
D.) A resume/CV that lists any previous public art experience or commissions.
E.) All artists are strongly urged to visit the Green Street Café and pick up additional information and background materials.
Hours of operation are M-F 10AM to 10PM; please call to make an appointment at 413.586.1650.
F.) For materials to be returned, all artists should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope

BUDGET ­ A budget of $350.00 covers the costs of all materials with $1,000 cash for the artist, plus an additional award of a $1,000 food credit at the Café

Submission deadline: June 30th
Proposal Review & Artist Notification: July 7th
Project Start July 10th to be completed by October 1
Unveiling: October 13th during Northampton Arts Night Out

Several positions available
Arcadia My trusty lab, Jamoka, has applied for all of the positions. His goal is to have a job and help pay the vet bills. So you'll have some steep competition.

Arcadia Players, Inc. is looking for one or several part time workers. We are seeking:

Office Manager
Oversee all office functions at the South Congregational Church Office in South Amherst
c. 20 hours/week

Box Office Staff
Concert Ticket Sales and Distribution

Database Manager
Oversee Access Database including Entering Data and Making Reports

Financial Manager
Oversee banking functions and management of QuickBooks

Administrative Assistant
Answer telephone, write letters, distribute promotional and fundraising materials, order printing and mailing and other office duties

Please contact the Arcadia Players Office, P.O. Box 387, Northampton, MA 01061 with your cover letter, resume and names and telephone numbers of 3 references

August 4, 5 & 6 from 9 am to 4 pm
botanical workshop Botanicals in Watercolor, August 4, 5 & 6 from 9 am to 4 pm at the Barbara Johnson Studio School, Easthampton $195

Contact bjohnson2001@charter.net for registration.
Class size is limited to ten. A three day workshop with Camille Doucet, Botanical artist from Plantations at Cornell University, President of local Guild of Scientific Illustrators of the Finger Lakes.

The workshop will be an overview of flower painting in watercolor, pen and ink, colored pencils and gouache and techniques like glazing, texturing, masking, drybrush and wet on wet. Introduction to color theory.

There is an emphasis on scientific botanical illustration as a style and as an excellent practice of good drawing.

From Sharon Lax, a newsletter reader in Montreal.

Helloooooo out there.

Please come visit this blog, set up ostensibly for "my" students (from whom I'm learning as much as they from me - more probably).

Please post any comments, no matter how outlandish. It would be great for moi and most importantly for said students to hear from you, the outside world.

Good fortune to you this summer,

Special thanks to Jon Whitney, a very talented CHAIR photographer who just moved here (again) from San Francisco.


Moving to San Francisco
Moving to Northampton
Moving to San Francisco
Moving to Northampton
Helping Mo move

To donate or sponsor click here for the paypal link.


There are some really exciting new calls this week. Please read through. I'd like to see one of us go to Japan for 5 months. If I could bring Jamoka I'd stalk the folks at the Japan residency program.

June 26, 2006 - The U.S.-Japan Creative Artists' Program provides five-month residencies in Japan for individual creative artists in any discipline. While in Japan, artists work on an individual project that may include the creation of new work or pursuit of other artistic goals. When planning the stay abroad, artists should consider how exposure to Japan's contemporary or traditional cultures can influence their creative work. Five awards are made annually. This program is administered jointly by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission. Guidelines are available at www.jusfc.gov.

July 15
The International Center of Photography's W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography is a $30,000 cash award with an additional $5,000 in fellowship money to be awarded at the discretion of a jury. The grant is awarded to photographers whose past work and proposed project follow the traditions of photographic essayist W. Eugene Smith. For full information on how to apply,
visit www.smithfund.org /.

July 17
The Newark Museum's residency program is open to visual artists in the areas of fiber and textiles, clay, fine metals, jewelry and metalsmithing, enameling, sculpture, painting, photography, printmaking, and works on paper. The residency provides the opportunity to use the museum's professional facilities for creating new work. An honorarium of $1,000 will be paid at the conclusion of the residency. For more information about the program and on how to apply,
visit www.newark museum.org/.

A nice offer from Joe Blumenthal of Downtown Sounds who generously would like to have artists display their work there. (Downtown Sounds, 21 Pleasant St., Northampton, next to the Pleasant St. Theater)

The window is quite large, and has three panels, each one about 6' X 6', and is about 24" deep. It is exposed to intense sunlight in the morning; the heat of the sun plus the narrowness of the window make it inappropriate to display most musical instruments.

However, the sunlight doesn't hurt most artwork since it's only exposed for a month to six weeks. I normally pay $150 to the artist who installs the window, and work out a consignment agreement for the store to take a percentage of the price if the art is for sale and we manage to sell some of it.

The artwork can be freestanding, lean against a wall at the back of the window that's about three feet high, or (if it's not heavy) be hung from the ceiling.
It's great when the art can have a musical theme, but it's not necessary. Because of its highly visible commercial location, the work should have a mainstream appeal and not have themes which could be offensive. Small pieces don't work well since the window is so large.

If one of your readers is interested in displaying in this context, please have them contact me via email: musician@downtownsounds.com, or via phone at 413- 586-0998.

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs + Image Registry The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) is the largest public funder of arts and culture in the country. The Percent for Art artist slide registry is an up-to-date and important component of the Program. The registry is consulted by the architects, panelists, and City agencies for each project. The Percent for Art staff prepares a slide presentation from the registry for each panel meeting. The registry is open to any professional visual artist residing in the United States. Deadline: On-going Information: www.nyc.gov/html/dcla/html/panyc/ slide_reg.shtml
June 20, 2006
The Camera Club of New York announces its 2006 National Photography Competition. The competition is open to all US residents 18 years or older except members of the Camera Club of New York or their families, and employees. Freestanding pieces will not be accepted. We are most pleased that Antonin Kratochvil renowned photographer and documentarian, will be our Juror. Each entry will consist of either 6 digital entries on CD or 6 slides with a fee of $35.00 Chosen artist will receive a one-person exhibition in our Alfred Lowenherz Gallery and a cash award of $300 Other finalists will participate in a group show. Send self-addressed stamped envelope for prospectus to: 2006 National Photography Competition, Camera Club of New York, 853 Broadway, New York NY 10003 OR visit our website at: www.cameraclubofnewyork.org, download an entry form and view the complete rules and information about The Camera Club of New York.

NEW (to this list) SITE OF THE WEEK:
Jeff Mack
That's one of his children's book cover illustrations pictured at right.
Jeff Mack

Jill Turner Video
Amy "Bannerqueen" Johnquest
Dianna Stallone Designs
Lynn Peterfreund
Cynthia Guild

Maureen Scanlon's Peacribbon Project
Photography by Jon Whitney
Fine woodworking art by Peter Dellert
Sculpture by Jim Doubleday
The Canal Gallery Building (my new studio as of May)
Stone Soup Concrete
The Northampton center for the Arts
The Art of Dean Nimmer
The Watkins Gallery
Kathleen Trestka
Zea Mays Printmaking Studio
Lisa Scollan
Deborah Kruger
Sally Curcio
Tom Morton
Jeff DeRose
Claudia Sperry
Michael Martindell
Michael Richardson
Smart Moves Pilates
Singer/Songwriter Diane Falcone
Rhymes With Orange
The Massachusetts Review
EJ Barnes- Cartoons, mandalas, and animation
The O-Tones
Holly Murray
The Invisible Fountain.com
Jan O'Highway
The Art Farm Project UK
Bob Markey
Briana Taylor
Rebecca Graves
Tony Kord
Save Darfur
Michael Kuch
Anila's college ruled art
Lillianna Pereira
Linda Batchelor
Stephanie Cramer
The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Cottage Street Studios
Lynn Latimer Glass
Easthampton City Arts
Julian Halpern/Steelhead Studios
Elizabeth Solomon Fine Art
Betsy Dawn Williams


From Janette Jorgenson in Montreal:

my sister rescues dogs

i gather abandoned plants,
and seeds
wrapped in fibrous tissue

or bare, and gleaming as if shellacked.

a compulsion? perhaps
but why should these fragile lives
be obliterated by demolition
crews making room for the latest condo?

seeds find their way from my pockets
to small crystal bowls

while variegated vegetation in flimsy black
containers, blue over-sized sandbox pails,
clay pots, anything
that will shelter their roots, support their stems
surround, become, my home
without regard to size, colour,
or horticultural status.

something in me recognizes
the necessity of belonging,
the yards of grass smoothed 'round
neighbouring houses have usurped wildflower terrain;
that the peculiar beauty of a weed
is out-competed by the uniformity of lawn.

in summer my front yard
occasional hate-mail

but my rescued plants,
like a city skyline, punctuate the air

a stem of cosmos eclipses
delicate columbine stars
and wild strawberries scatter
the imagination of the garden-proud.

one day
my new yard
will resemble the wilds i left behind on oxford street,
and this oasis of irrespectability will be
understood: a celebratory noah-project
rescuing, nurturing diversity.


Ellie Parker
ELLIE PARKER races around town from one audition to another, changing make-up, clothes and personality as she speeds along, barely attending to her whirlwind life as she strives to get cast in a movie. As Ellie considers giving up after losing faith in the craft, her manager DENNIS doesn’t exactly talk her out of it. One last insane audition for Ellie, and she’s back in the game? or is she?


Previous picks:

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeousie.

"Nine Lives."
The Girl in the Cafe
Travellers and Magicians



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