August 8, 2006
The Metaphor-Go-Round












Friday night I went to El Guanaco with a friend for dinner and in walked Jeff Mack who then joined us for excellent Salvadoran delights in a unique and cozy setting. Taiga Ermonsons came in too but she had ordered takeout and had to leave. See the people you can run into there on a Friday night? There wasn't much paparazi either so it was quiet. Anyway-chatter turned to the Green Street Mural Project and my curiousity about who, and when it would be announced and Jeff said, "Oh, you know who won that? Me." So the mystery is solved, no thanks to the coy Michael Kusek who wouldn't tell me.

Jeff has been working on the mural pell mell ever since! He will be on the radio with me tomorrow morning to discuss his project and reveal many goings on, too crazy to believe, from 8 am to 9 am on Valley Free Radio 103.3 FM. So listen in to meet Jeff (super nice guy) and find out about the project.

I asked Jeff for a picture of the project to date but I can't get one in time for this newsletter so I will make one of my own. But from now and throughout the project he will post progress pics and anecdotes here so you can watch the mural grow (I knew you when you were just a contest!).

A Merry-Go-Round explanation From Wikipedia-
"Although modern carousels (especially in America) are mainly populated with horses, carousels from earlier periods frequently included diverse varieties of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and deer, to name a few. Within a given country, carousels are generally all built to rotate in the same direction, with the choice derived perhaps from the rules of the road of that country. In Britain, it's the reverse in both cases. Another reason for the choice may be that the British felt it necessary to enable the rider to mount the wooden steeds in the "proper" fashion, inserting the left foot in the stirrup and swinging the right leg over and up onto the animal.
The Americans, on the other hand, were more concerned with people being able to "grab the brass ring" while spinning round and round. Since most people are right-handed, the machine would have to travel in a counter-clockwise direction so that the right hand would be free to reach for the ring."

So as to alleviate your anxious suspense I have created Jeff's mural for him, hence the meticulous research credited above.
Depicting the closing of Green Street Cafe and its neighbors to make room for bigger, better things, I chose the Merry-Go-Round as a metaphor for life and the continuing evolution of our little town and peopled it with riders as metaphors for other things which only make sense to me but I'll try to explain...

Why is no one on the horse? Is the terror in his eyes due to the inexplicable (yet always metaphoric) appearance of Sisyphus and his pet rock? (Of course Sisyphus didn't even rate a rooster, his life is totally Sisyphean).
Did Crazed Pony throw his rider? Did Crazy Pony forget to take his meds? (my extensive research turned up a discussion/support group who lamented the *Meddy-Go-Round* of drug treatments).
Who was that now-missing rider, so carelessly tossed aside at the merest reaction of fear to a man weilding a big rock?
Where is Narcissus? (Well, he couldn't tear himself away from his pond, that's to be expected).
Why did Jamoka only get a chicken? Is it because of his clear disdain for the Merry-Go-Round? Or is it because of his fur color? or lack of political connections? He seems resigned to his fate. Or else he's about to lose his "Flatulence free miracle dog food" breakfast.
And Mother Superior? How did she outlive the Von Trapp children? Her faith is unshaken as she goes round and round, her face a mask of contentment and faith. Or maybe *she's* on the Meddy-Go-Round!? I'm with her approach.
How could Sisyphus possibly be passing Power-operated Crazy Pony on the outside? Is he doping? Is that rock filled with cork? And what will happen when the evil ride operator mischievously/accidentally/gleefully turns up the speed? Such are the mysteries of life.
And has anyone seen Benign Girl?

Susannah Auferoth - HOVERSCAPE: A painting and video installation
ARTS NIGHT OUT- A.P.E Gallery 1, Thorne’s Marketplace
88_auferoth.jpg WHO: Susannah Auferoth

WHAT: HOVERSCAPE: A painting and video installation

WHERE: A.P.E Gallery 1, Thorne’s Marketplace, 150 Main Street, Northampton 01060

WHEN: August 11-September 4, 2006

OPENING RECEPTION: August 11th, 5pm- 8pm

ARTIST’S STATEMENT: The work in this show hovers between recognizable objects and abstracted forms.

To create the paintings I made a grid with images of bodies, airplanes, birds, and flowers which became the first layer of each painting. The next layers of the paintings are simple blocks of translucent color which partially block and blur the underlying images. By adding many layers of paint I changed the original forms into simple landscapes.

The video allowed me to extend the idea of changing recognizable images into new images, abstracted forms, and back again.

To create the video, I used a high-res eps of three finished paintings, made stills, and strung them together. I altered the still images to make exaggerated forms that morph back and forth between the images on the paintings.

Susannah Auferoth
Summer 2006

ARTS NIGHT OUT- a performance video/sound installation, August 3-11
81_sally.jpg Sally Greenhouse

“stare decisis”

From August 3-11, the Center will present "stare decisis," a performance video/sound installation by Sally Greenhouse that combines videotape excerpts from the John Roberts Supreme Court Senate Judiciary Committee hearings interwoven on a triple track with Greenhouse’s original monologue exploring the theological and feminist dimensions of abortion from an autobiographical perspective and comments, as well, on the ongoing patriarchal domination of women’s sexuality. "stare decisis" is a Latin legal term that means "let the decision stand."

The Roberts hearings centered on whether he had the intention of overturning Roe v. Wade or whether he would honor "stare decisis"—the legal precedent of legalized abortion. The Greenhouse piece is approximately 23 minutes long and will run continuously in a loop so people may come at any time during the Center’s open hours and watch for as long as they wish. The installation includes original videotape of the Judiciary Committee hearings obtained through the office of Senator Edward Kennedy.

Greenhouse says the piece is “executed with my characteristic, ironic tragicomedic style as reflected in my long-running award-winning television series, ‘The Greenhouse Effect.’” The series, broadcast on NCTV, was supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council Arts Grant in New Theatre Works/Playwriting. Greenhouse, an alumna of Harvard Divinity School, is a member of the faculty of the Honors College at the University of Massachusetts, where she teaches performance art.

The Center’s is open weekdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The installation’s opening will be August 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. and a closing reception will coincide with Northampton’s Arts Night out on August 11 from 5 to 7 p.m. (The galleries will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. that day.) Greenhouse will be at the August 11 reception, in effect, as she puts it, “installed along with the installation” and available to talk with visitors. The project is funded by a grant from the Northampton Arts Council.

"Word Balloon" at A.P.E
ARTS NIGHT OUT- Featuring the comic/graphic influenced work of :
88_word.jpg "Word Balloon"
Featuring the comic/graphic influenced work of :

Shoshana Phillips
Kevin Scalzo
Brantner DeAtley
Luke Cavagnac
Opens Friday August 11 with A reception at A.P.E. 5-8 pm 3rd floor of Thornes Marketplace Northampton

The show runs from Aug. 11 - Sept.4

for more info: www.apearts.org

August 2 -­ 31
81_powers.jpg An exhibit of recent work by Holyoke artist Michael Powers will be on display August 2 ­ 31 in the Brooks Room at the Wilbraham Public Library.

Michael is a painter whose work focuses primarily on the landscape.
Although naturalistic in handling, he does not treat the landscape in a traditionally scenic manner; his often unorthodox compositions are deliberately based on the juxtaposition of the shapes of the elements within the painting and their arrangement on a two dimensional surface.
Michael has been painting and drawing since he was five; he holds a degree in painting from Massachusetts College of Art and has also studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and in Italy.

His work is in numerous private collections and has been displayed at the White House, the Massachusetts State House, and at galleries in and around Boston. He has taught drawing and painting at The Fuller Art Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts, The Guild Studio School in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and at the Farmington Valley Arts Center in Avon, Connecticut.
He relocated to western Massachusetts in 2001 and this is his first solo exhibition in this area.

Viewing times may vary; to be certain that the gallery will be open at a specific time, it is best to call the library beforehand at (413) 596-6141.

Transperformance 16: All in the Family
Tuesday, August 15th 4pm, Pines Theater in Look Park
88_trans.jpg Transperformance is celebrating its 16th year!!! The theme this year is Family. Local bands will cover groups that have family in their name or have members who are related, such as: The Jackson Five, The Neville Brothers, Sly and the Family Stone, The Kinks, and The Carpenters, to name just a few.

Many of the area’s finest musical performers are donating time to create a memorable event that will have our community rocking.

The show is earlier this year, falling in the middle of August instead of the end. We will be at the Pines Theater in Look Park on Tuesday, August 15th from 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

We need volunteers to help in the box office and with ticket tearing. The Volunteer Shifts are one hour long: 4-5, 5-6, 6-7, 7-8 and 8-9PM. Please send an email if you can help us out, or forward this email along to others who might like to have some great fun at Transperformance.

This year’s charming and witty hosts will portray the cast of All in the Family: Buddy Rubbish (Archie), Julie Waggoner (Edith), Leo T. Baldwin (Meathead), and Kelsey Flynn (Gloria). They will keep things hopping and present this year’s great lineup:

• King Radio with Strings Attached as Paul and Linda McCartney and Wings
• The Drunk Stuntmen as The Allman Brothers
• The Nields as Sonny and Cher
• Spouse as INXS
• Tony Vacca and Gokh-Bi System as The Jackson Five
• Us as Oasis
• The Armenti Family with Ina Iansiti as The Carter Family
• The Amity Front as Black Crowes
• The UnStuntWare (USW) as The Stone Coyotes
• Kate O’Connor with Paris/Happy Valley as The Neville Brothers
• Winterpills as The Carpenters
• Sven Temple Pilots as Stone Temple Pilots
• School for the Dead as The Kinks
• Unit Seven with Kim Zombik as Sly and the Family Stone
• The Kennedys as The Everly Brothers
• Aloha Steamtrain as The Plastic Ono Band
• Cordelia’s Dad w/Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Singers as Von Trapp Family Singers

Transperformance is the annual end-of-summer bash produced by The Northampton Arts Council and the PTOs of the Northampton public schools to support arts enrichment in Northampton's schools and in the community. Northampton High School, J.F.K. Middle School and the four Northampton elementary schools are all beneficiaries of this fundraiser.

The sound for the show is provided by Dan Richardson, with lights by Theatrix. Fabulous food from La Veracruzana, Bart’s and elsewhere will be available for sale at the Pines Theater to further benefit arts enrichment in the Northampton public schools and in the community. Advanced tickets ($8 general admission, $5 seniors, and $3 children under 12) are available at the Northampton Arts Council in Memorial Hall, Northampton; Cooper's Corner in Florence; State Street Fruit in Northampton; Food for Thought in Amherst; and World Eye Books in Greenfield. Look Park charges a $5 special events vehicle entry fee for cars without a season pass. In case of rain, the show will be performed the next night, August 16, at Look Park. If rain is predicted for both days the show will be moved to the Northampton High School on August 15th.

For more information visit our website at www.northamptonartscouncil.org.

Transperformance 16: All in the Family is sponsored in part by Faces, Jones-Hutchins Realty, Bank of America, 93.9 The River, The Valley Advocate, La Veracruzana, the City of Northampton and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Photos furnished upon request.

Hidden Value -- Public Art Installation in Pulaski Park
ARTS NIGHT OUT- Reception on August 11, 2006/ 5:30-7:00 PM
Hidden Value -- Public Art Installation in Pulaski Park by artist Lara Lepionka/Presented by the Northampton Arts Council

Public art takes many forms. Perhaps we are most familiar with a sculpture of a historic figure, a granite monument to a specific event or a painted mural adorning an unconsidered wall. While such traditional public art has and will continue to play a role in Northampton, Hidden Value, a temporary public art installation by Lara Lepionka in Northampton’s Pulaski Park, works towards more complex aesthetic and social goals.

Hidden Value is installed in 5 locations within Pulaski Park and will remain there through October 2006. Special events include a Tour of Work, Artist Talk, and Reception on August 11, 2006/ 5:30-7:00 PM and Tours of Work with Arts Council Members September 8 and October 13, 2006 from 5:30-6:00 PM. All events will take place in Pulaski Park in conjunction with Northampton’s ARTS NIGHT OUT. (northamptonuncommon.com)

This artistic work emerged from a call for proposals by artists interested in creating a site-specific temporary art installation that would expand public awareness of, and involvement in, contemporary art in Northampton. Hidden Value was selected from a group of over 30 proposals from local, national and international artists because it embodied the mission of this project to inspire ideas and designs that expand conventional notions of people, place and the art-making process. Lepionka lives in Gloucester, Massachusetts with her family.

In Hidden Value, Lepionka examines the premise that everyday people make vital, under-recognized contributions to their communities through their work and civic life. In many instances, people may not have the opportunity to consider the valuable contributions they are making as they go about their daily lives, and in some cases their contributions may not be acknowledged or valued by the greater society. They routinely impact others in quiet, unheralded ways that go far beyond the usual measures of success in our society. How do we measure this kind of impact? How do we communicate this kind of worth? What constitutes achievement and success at work? Where does society attribute value? Lepionka investigated these questions by interviewing five Northampton citizens in diverse occupations and other people affected by their work. The final installations grew out of the uniqueness of the participants and their work situations. Nevertheless, the participants are meant to represent all of us and our capacity to contribute to the life of our community.

This project is funded by the Northampton Arts Council with additional support from the Xeric Foundation, Florence Savings Bank, Smith College and Stanley Rosko from Purchasing, City of Northampton and Rich Parasiliti, Jr. of the DPW the Hotel Northampton and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. For more information: northamptonartscouncil.org.

ARTS NIGHT OUT- Artist talk August 11, 4pm-5
725_sperry.jpg Painter Cyndy Sperry is exhibiting mostly new work at the Oxbow Gallery, 275 Pleasant Street, Northampton MA, July 27-Aug 20.

OPENING RECEPTION July 28th 6-8, Artist talk, August 11, 4pm-5. Cyndy received a BA from Bowdoin College and an MFA from The American University. She currently lives in Chesterfield with her husband and two daughters.

She has taught painting, drawing, and printmaking at the former Guild Studio School, the Williston Northampton School, and El Arco Iris.

Cyndy's new paintings occupy a space between the internal world of ideas and emotions and the external world of the rural and urban landscape. Her paintings begin with a color experience: wet spring leaves, black transparent pond ice, winter sky. From there the artist uses color and line to build a visual journal. The paintings take months, sometimes years to create as they are in a constant state of being edited. Eventually the paintings' identity begins to emerge with the sum of its parts working together to reveal a larger whole. Through this process the paintings become the recorder and synthesizer of one individual's visual and emotional journey? experience ? in the world. Cyndy Sperry draws inspiration from early and late italian renaissance painters--particularly Lorenzo Lorenzetti and Jacopo Pontormo.

But not for Crazy Pony.
718_taming.jpg Bring a sweetheart and blanket and a picnic, and experience Shakespeare's THE TAMING OF THE SHREW as you sit under the stars on Boston Common!


Can love tame a shrewish heart? Marriage, money, and madcap misadventure will take center stage when Commonwealth Shakespeare Company (CSC) brings THE TAMING OF THE SHREW, William Shakespeare’s uproarious battle of the sexes, FREE to Boston audiences this summer, in three weeks of performances on Boston Common.

Presented by The Wang Center for the Performing Arts and directed by Wang Center Vice President of Artistic Programming and CSC Artistic Director Steven Maler, The Taming of the Shrew will be performed Saturday, July 22 through Sunday, August 13 2006.

There are no tickets needed for Free Shakespeare on the Common, as it is just that free! Enjoy the performance!


Wednesday, August 9 @ 8:00 p.m.
Thursday, August 10 @ 8:00 p.m.
Friday, August 11 @ 8:00 p.m.
Saturday, August 12 @ 8:00 p.m.
Sunday, August 13 @ 7:00 p.m. My pal Alan Sweetheart White is in this too! He plays a Sisyphysean?Narcissistic Romeo with a skittish stead. He once gave me a shiny magic rock for decision making which I recently lent to a friend and it worked!

Baghdad Burning - A Girl Blog from Iraq
... let's talk war, politics and occupation.
"Many of you may know this one but I found the reports from this anonymous woman writing from baghdad to be the most poignant and heart-felt of any I’ve read".

be well

Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation.
Baghdad Burning
... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...

Saturday, August 05, 2006
Summer of Goodbyes...
Residents of Baghdad are systematically being pushed out of the city. Some families are waking up to find a Klashnikov bullet and a letter in an envelope with the words “Leave your area or else.” The culprits behind these attacks and threats are Sadr’s followers- Mahdi Army. It’s general knowledge, although no one dares say it out loud. In the last month we’ve had two different families staying with us in our house, after having to leave their neighborhoods due to death threats and attacks.
It’s not just Sunnis- it’s Shia, Arabs, Kurds- most of the middle-class areas are being targeted by militias.

Looking for new space? Unique opportunities available right now.
This is an excellent opportunity to get in at the beginning and create a space. Excellent especially for a business needing large piles of space. The overall space is 160,000 square feet. OMG!
The building is on Appleton Street, next door to the police station and across the street from Heritage state park (imagine lunch breaks riding the merry-go-round in the park!) with space to rent.

It is situated right on the canal. Parking is an issue however so the owner, Ralph Thompson, is going to take half of the first floor and create indoor parking. The roof has a spectacular view and he will be making that into a huge roof deck, from which you can see the park and merry-go-round, city hall, sunsets and more! He is willing to discuss any modifications. The ground floor is level with the driveway for easy loading/unloading. The upper floors are perfect for artist studios. And, the police are right next door. Check out pictures here. Ralph is a really nice guy who recently went rock hunting in China with our Kevin Downey. And Kevin's a really nice guy so it's all logical and therefor valid. It exists.

FRom Lisa Scollan-
I'm looking for someone to share my studio again starting as early as August 1st if you hear of anyone. My rent goes up in September so I'm going to ask $180 contact lisascollan@hotmail.com

There are possibly 4 WORK ONLY spaces becoming available in the first floor of a cozy mill building in Holyoke. They are 1280 sq ft for $586/month. They have really high cielings, a loading dock, common area and bathroom. For more info contact DAS048@aol.com

81_care.jpg MERCY: compassionate treatment of those in distress

From shelly bathe lenn,

I run a small non profit that offers bereavement support to families with young children at no cost. we're called THE GARDEN: A CENTER FOR GRIEVING CHILDREN AND TEENS. every other month from october to june families with children ages 5-12 years are part of small groups where they do activities, projects, games etc.

In planning for our next season I'm looking for an artist, or 2 to come in and teach an art skill to the kids. ideally the skill would culminate into a project that would relate to our themes (ie memories and remembering; dreams, worries, nightmares etc)! and then these projects would be put on public display somewhere in northampton so as to help spread the word about our program.

cheers, shelly

shelly bathe lenn
the garden: a center for grieving children and teens
413 584 7086 ext 124
www.garden- cgc.org

LIVE AT FOXHOLLOW - An Evening of Progressive, Funk, and Fusion Jazz
Saturday, August 12, 6-midnight
725_lenox.jpg LIVE AT FOXHOLLOW

An Evening of Progressive, Funk, and Fusion Jazz

Saturday, August 12, 6-midnight
Foxhollow, Lenox, MA

Outdoor benefit concert featuring The Bad Plus, the highly-acclaimed trio who are changing the face of contemporary jazz and leading the Nu Jazz movement. David Fiuczynski – hailed as one of the most inventive jazz-rock guitarists today – and his band the Screaming Headless Torsos open, along with Lenox-based international jazz- funk collective Unfulfilled Desires.

Live at Foxhollow is sponsored by EnlightenNext, a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to a revolution in consciousness and culture. Proceeds benefit EnlightenNext's international speakers series, which brings leading thinkers in business, spirituality, politics, contemporary culture, science, and environmental activism to the Berkshires year round.

Music from 6pm-midnight, doors open 5pm. Great food, beer, and wine.

Tickets: $30 ($25 advance); students $20 ($15 advance); children under 12 free.
Foxhollow Estates, 4 Foxhollow Dr., Lenox, MA
www.LiveAtFoxhollow.com for more information.

Like sitting at a kitchen table in a really nice family's home in Salvador.
Amy Johnquest (of the stolen car and movie star daughter and the banners and all that) first told me about this place. She discovered it shortly after moving to Holyoke and found a gem.

I tried to take a few pictures but I have such file size limitations here, in addition to cheap camera limitations.

Anyway El Guanaco is a very special place. On 116 in South Hadley across the street from a biker bar called Ebenezer Choos. When I see such a humble facade I think it's either a fantastic secret or a disappointment. El Gunaco is a discovery almost up there with Benign Girl. ;-)

The top pic is of the small the sign (circled) at the end of its driveway. This is your cue to turn into the parking lot and then you see the second picture. This is what you would see coming across the 116 bridge from Holyoke.

The left half is take out and the right half is the restaurant, all 4 tables of it. The food is delicious, simple and very affordable but the dining experience definitely adds to the charm.

The tamales, enchiladas and burritos are cheap and delicious. The accompnaying salsa and sauces are amazing and the cilantro tastes fresh picked. The stewed chicken is perfectly done and languishes (ew, lofty foodspeak) in a sauce both familiar and somehow unusual. The cuisine is Salvadoran/Mexican and I like to think it authentic, based on my few dining travels outside the tourist zones in Mexico.

Beverages include Horchata, a creamy drink made with milk, nuts, water and sugar, as well as Lime and Tamarind sodas (made with sugar, NOT High Fructose Corn Syrup, the cheap, evil substitute). Otherwise you bring your own beverages and they are happy to bring you wineglasses and a bucket with ice if you ask. The Flourescent lights are harsh but if you ask, they will turn them off. I think next time I'll bring candles.

It is family owned and operated. The parents (I believe. I didn't ask actually) take shifts cooking and there are 2 girls who seem to switch off nights waitressing. Both are really sweet and genuine and refreshingly informal. Clearly neither went to "waitressing training", ("push an appetizer", "make a face if they order the cheap bottle of wine and snort with derision as you suggest another, more suitable, bottle", "push desserts", "get those totals up"!) such as I endured in Boston restaurants.

Everyone I have brought there has been delighted by the food, the atmosphere and the nice family that seems to work ceaselessly. I brought Maureen Scanlon there for a birthday dinner and she raved and Maureen has a reputation for having a dsicerning palate as well as being an artiste in the kitchen.

Another epicurially gifted dinner companion at EG was Jon Whitney, who told the chef/father/owner/person that it was the best food he had had since moving here from California. And the list goes on. They have been open under a year and I am hoping that they'll be able to keep it going. So go and tell them I sent you. Bring candles. Enjoy! The check will have mercy on you.

p.s. I'd suggest mapquesting directions or asking Amy. My directions lack that certain something like the actual location.

So you think you can play/color Hendrix?
81_nona.jpg In conjunction with an exhibit of Nona Hatay's photos & memorabilia in the front window of DOWNTOWN SOUNDS (See standing offer from Joe Blumenthal in the CALLS & OPPORTUNITIES section way below), Pleasant Street, Northampton, there will be a Jimi Hendrix "Astro Man" poster coloring contest.

The winner will be exhibited in Downtown Sounds front window August 7 - 14.

Posters available at Studio Hatay. For information call Nona Hatay 413-210-7907 or email nonahatay@hotmail.com.

Auditions August 19 & 20 and by special arrangements

• We are looking for groups or solo performers to play Hendrix at a Tribute concert and Multimedia event in October. We will feature a “ Teen Tribute to Jimi Hendrix” with Special guests. We love Hendrix compositions on different instruments & styles - also wand good blues players
• All ages can audition ­ groups and solo performers
• At the Tribute, the best three bands will be chosen to be featured at an Hendrix Festival next Spring & other prizes
• Set up equipment provided
• Also looking for light show presenters and Hendrix related artworks for exhibit

For more information or to register: call (413) 210-7907 or email: hendrixtribute2006@yahoo.com

House & Two-Story Barn For Sale
with Possible workshop and artist space
88_house.jpg House & Two-Story Barn For Sale - 1095 Westhampton Road (Route 66), Northampton.

Possible workshop and artist space in 4,200 square foot insulated barn with electricity, new septic system, 2 bedroom house, 2 car garage, 1.7 acres, perrenial gardens, 5 miles to the center of Northampton.

See MLS # 70424257 for more photos. Call Brian Jarrett at the Taylor Agency at (413) 218- 7118 for more information or to view the property.

The Taber Gallery presents SHOCKERS!
Original Ghanaian movie posters from the collection of
81_ghana.jpg The Taber Art Gallery Presents SHOCKERS! Original Ghanaian movie posters from the collection of Michelle Gilbert

July 26 - Sept. 28, 2006
Reception Sept. 13, 11:00am - 1:00pm

All work will be for sale starting at the incredibly low deal of the century price of 350.00

Holyoke Community College
Taber Art Gallery
Amy Johnquest, Director
303 Homestead Ave.
Holyoke, MA 01040

Amy: The village people run amock! Think it should actually read: I "ATE" my village.

I just heard a rumor (from the voices) that there will be Ghanaian Cuisine at the reception.
So be prepared to (make believe!) feast on palmnut soup, and groundnut Soups with fufu, kokonte , banku, boiled yam, rice, bread, plantain and cassava, gari foto, agushie, omo tuo, jollof rice, red-red, kenkey, kelewele and shito.

Petition the UN: Stop the Bloodshed
From: Eli Pariser
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 21:30:05 -0700
Subject: Stop the Bloodshed

Dear friends,

We haven't been in touch very often since our work around Iraq. But with civilians in Israel and Lebanon dying daily, we're at another critical global moment.

Regional and global leaders continue to fail to come up with a workable plan to stop the violence in the Middle East. Our friends at the Ceasefire Campaign are urging people around the world to pressure the Security Council to come up with a real plan to get an immediate ceasefire and international peacekeepers. This is a sensible call that would curb the bloodshed while laying the groundwork for a more enduring peace.

The Ceasefire Campaign is looking for 1 million co- sponsors to deliver their petition to the Security Council this week. Can you join them? Sign here:
http://www.ceasefirecampaign.org/mo/e n.html

–Eli Pariser

P.S. Here's a message from the Ceasefire Campaign with some more detail:
Dear friends,
For more than three weeks now we've watched the bloodshed in the Middle East with horror. All the while, global and regional leaders have stood by and failed to take the necessary action to stop the violence. Finally, this weekend, the US and France reached agreement on a plan. But this compromise plan fails to call for a full ceasefire and is so weak that the violence has not—and will not— stop.
http://www.ceasefirecampaign.org/ mo/en.html

This is unacceptable. Hundreds of innocent civilians have already been killed, thousands have been wounded, and almost a million people have been made homeless.

The UN Security Council will be meeting early this week to try to resolve the crisis. They need to know that the world is watching them, and that anything less than an immediate ceasefire is not good enough. Click here to sign this petition demanding that the members of the UN Security Council take immediate action to end this bloodshed.
http://www.ceasefirecampaign.org/ mo/en.html

Please sign the petition today, and then spread the word by forwarding this email on to all your friends and family. Our goal is to deliver a petition to the Security Council with 1 million signatures this week, and to publicize the petition in major newspapers in the capitals of the US, UK, France and other Security Council members.
Thanks so much for your help,

Ricken Patel

P.S. Groups and leaders from across the world and from diverse perspectives agree that an urgent ceasefire is an important part of resolving this crisis. Most countries of the world, from Lebanon to Tanzania to India, have called for a ceasefire, and have been joined by major international NGOs such as Oxfam and Amnesty International. Christian leaders such as Pope Benedict XVI, and the World Council of Churches have also called for a ceasefire. Arab and Muslim organizations such as the Organization of the Islamic Conference have also been joined by Israeli and Jewish groups such as Meretz Israel, Degel HaTorah, and Brit Tzedek v'Shalom in calling for a ceasefire.

sends one big image--no text.
88_guild.jpg I wish I had a link to a video of me in junior high in typing class faking sudden appendicitis so I could go to the kindly nurse who would remove my spleen yet take long enough so I'd not have to return to typing class where I was frustrated to the point of hysteria about my inability to type like all the other kids.

But definitely go to Cynthia's show. Her work is stunning. Worth a trip from here. And she's lovable and funny and she looks like a Guild so she gets to be one.
Next time hopefully she'll send me text or I'll have to tell more typing class stories and how I almost got held back. The ensuing Meddy-Go-Rounds over this trauma have, if anything, exacerbated my inability to type. I can only type from the voices in my head as I stare at each key. I can't type from documents because when I look away to see what I am to type, the keys all change places.

88_movie.jpg Chosen this week by Jan O'Highway of Art Farm and Jan O'Highway fame

Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road), (1955) directed by Satyatjit Ray

Sometime in the early years of the century, a boy, Apu, is born to a poor Brahmin family in a village in Bengal. The father, a poet and priest, cannot earn enough to keep his family going. Apu's sister, Durga, is forever stealing guavas from the neighbour's orchards. All these add to the daily struggles of the mother's life, notwithstanding her constant bickering with old aunt who lives with the family.

-As deeply beautiful and plainly poetic as any movie ever made. Rare and exquisite."
- Hazel-Dawn Dumpert, L.A. Weekly

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who is not benign, narcissistic or in need of mercy.
81_peepshow.jpg This week an interesting circle of events happened within the newsletter world. Nona Hatay saw Joe Blumenthal's offer in the newsletter and arranged to do a window display (in this newsletter, somewhere) and coloring contest. She then took a bunch of her photographs to Shelley Lake to have giclees made for said coloring contest.

Shelley, who is endearing, talented and is NOT Paris Hilton, then made a generous donation to this newsletter. And so it goes. AND, Shelley will be my guest on the radio tomorrow from 8-9 am on Valley Free Radio, 103.3 FM.

Still waiting to hear.

Peep Show, Bettie Page
paper pigment print
30" by 40", in an edition of 100, signed by the Artist: $950
24" by 32", in an edition of 100, signed by the Artist: $800
16" by 20", in an edition of 250, signed by the Artist: $400


DUE August 11, 2006
EasthamptonCulturalCouncil and WorkingPromisingArtists (WPA) would like to officially invite you to participate in this year's WindowsProject. The dates for the show and special events are September15 thru October 3. You will find more details in the Artists' Submission Package, just contact us at windowsproject@gmail.com and we will send it forward.

The submission deadline has been extended to August 11, 2006.
We intend to have parties, artists talks, visiting artists, and a smattering of any other special events you can think of.

Deadline for Submissions is October 2, 2006

Vortex 2006: A Juried Art Exhibition hosted by Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse, challenges Massachusetts artists to submit original and inspirational work that explores the role Interconnectivity plays in art.

The Blue Men--who come from the part of us that wants to express creativity, innovation, and humor--invite all artists to examine, through their artwork, the dynamics of Interconnectivity in their shared communities

This year's exhibition will be juried by Nora Donnelly, Senior Registrar at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art, Ricardo D. Barreto, Director of UrbanArts Institute at MassArt, Chris McCarthy, director of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum as well as an artist representative from the Blue Man Group Boston creative community. Deadline for submissions is October 2, 2006.

Blue Man Group will accept artwork in two age divisions: 12 - 17 years old and 18 + years old. In the 18+ division, four selected artists' work will be on exhibit in The Charles Playhouse lobby for up to one year. In addition, the selected artists in the 18 + division will receive cash prizes ($2500 Grand Prize, $1000 Second, $500 each for Third and Fourth). In the 12 - 17 years old division, the Grand Prize recipient will receive up to $500 tuition reimbursement to art classes of their choice. Each selected artist in the 12 - 17 years old division will receive up to $100 worth of art supplies for their school and have their artwork displayed at the Boston Children's Museum. Selected artist's work will be unveiled at a special event currently scheduled for October 2006.

For submission guidelines (acceptable medium and dimensions), instructions and downloadable entry form go to www.blueman.com/vortex. For questions call 617-542-6700 x12

A nice offer from Joe Blumenthal of Downtown Sounds who generously would like to have artists display their work there. (Downtown Sounds, 21 Pleasant St., Northampton, next to the Pleasant St. Theater)

The window is quite large, and has three panels, each one about 6' X 6', and is about 24" deep. It is exposed to intense sunlight in the morning; the heat of the sun plus the narrowness of the window make it inappropriate to display most musical instruments.

However, the sunlight doesn't hurt most artwork since it's only exposed for a month to six weeks. I normally pay $150 to the artist who installs the window, and work out a consignment agreement for the store to take a percentage of the price if the art is for sale and we manage to sell some of it.

The artwork can be freestanding, lean against a wall at the back of the window that's about three feet high, or (if it's not heavy) be hung from the ceiling.
It's great when the art can have a musical theme, but it's not necessary. Because of its highly visible commercial location, the work should have a mainstream appeal and not have themes which could be offensive. Small pieces don't work well since the window is so large.

If one of your readers is interested in displaying in this context, please have them contact me via email: musician@downtownsounds.com, or via phone at 413- 586-0998.

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs + Image Registry The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA) is the largest public funder of arts and culture in the country. The Percent for Art artist slide registry is an up-to-date and important component of the Program. The registry is consulted by the architects, panelists, and City agencies for each project. The Percent for Art staff prepares a slide presentation from the registry for each panel meeting. The registry is open to any professional visual artist residing in the United States. Deadline: On-going Information: www.nyc.gov/html/dcla/html/panyc/ slide_reg.shtml


Jeff Mack

Jill Turner Video
Amy "Bannerqueen" Johnquest
Dianna Stallone Designs
Lynn Peterfreund
Cynthia Guild
Maureen Scanlon's Peacribbon Project
Photography by Jon Whitney
Fine woodworking art by Peter Dellert
Sculpture by Jim Doubleday
The Canal Gallery Building (my new studio as of May)
Stone Soup Concrete
The Northampton center for the Arts
The Art of Dean Nimmer
The Watkins Gallery
Kathleen Trestka
Zea Mays Printmaking Studio
Lisa Scollan
Deborah Kruger
Sally Curcio
Tom Morton
Jeff DeRose
Claudia Sperry
Michael Martindell
Michael Richardson
Smart Moves Pilates
Singer/Songwriter Diane Falcone
Rhymes With Orange
The Massachusetts Review
EJ Barnes- Cartoons, mandalas, and animation
The O-Tones
Holly Murray
The Invisible Fountain.com
Jan O'Highway
The Art Farm Project UK
Bob Markey
Briana Taylor
Rebecca Graves
Tony Kord
Save Darfur
Michael Kuch
Anila's college ruled art
Lillianna Pereira
Linda Batchelor
Stephanie Cramer
The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
Cottage Street Studios
Lynn Latimer Glass
Easthampton City Arts
Julian Halpern/Steelhead Studios
Elizabeth Solomon Fine Art
Betsy Dawn Williams

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Anyway--thanks for your support!

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