Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Be Jamoka's Valentine, What to wear to Thursday's Reception, Hear Poetry, get an apartment, get a studio, post yourself on MassLive!

It's time for a trip to Contempo Casuals mo,

because Thursday is Dean Nimmer's reception at the famous Taber Gallery which is run by the famous Amy "Bannerqueen" Johnquestwho last week famously had her El Camino stolen thanks to the famous hamburgler and his little pal, OJ. (for our amusement) but this week famously has a new car thanks to gifts dropping from helicopters in the sky (as predicted by the famous Rob Brezny).

But first, Jamoka wants to wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine's Day. This is his Valentine's Day card, shot by Annie Liebowitz.

This week's newsletter seems to have become a lot about fashion with Dean's reception coming up Thursday.

I notice all the town's best manicure artists are booked solid and I think I know why.

Jamoka also wants to know who sent him the mysterious secret Valentine with no return address. The curiosity is getting to him.


JAZZ, WALTZ(ES), DANCE, CHOCOLATE AND CZECH NATIONALISM AT THE NCA There is STILL so much going on at the NCA that you should still go to their site to see it all.

There are a lot of GREAT events this month at the NCA.
Far too many to list here and as varied as the heading suggests. Please check out their web site nohoarts to see a full list.


Omaha, NE - Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts Residency
The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts is a nonprofit organization that supports visual artists by providing studios, living space, and monthly stipends in a year-round residency program located in Omaha, Nebraska.
Applicants are juried twice a year by an independent panel of arts professionals. Residencies are awarded for a period of 3 months.
While all visual artists in any medium are welcome to apply, Bemis Center facilities are particularly well-suited to sculpture, installations, video, photography and large-scale painting or mixed media work.~
Contact: Cary Tobin
Residency Director
Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
724 So. 12 St.
Omaha, NE 68102
Tel: 402.341.7130 ext 12

I have been to Omaha. I thought it was a really nice country.

DEAN NIMMER THIS THURSDAY @ TABER GALLERY @ HCC Special section! What to wear to the reception February 16 at 5:30 pm.

Naturally you are agonizing over what to wear to Dean's reception at THE TABER GALLERY AT HOLYOKE COMMUNITY COLLEGE. We all are, trust me. Dean is a wreck!
So, to make things easier for everyone I have done your research for you. Here are some helpful tips I found online. You can owe me. I found this info on a prom site. Proms are a lot like receptions:

Put on makeup carefully: You'll want to put on a sheer foundation and unless you have to, skip the blush. You might want to go for the smokey eye look and clear lip gloss. Remember that you can only dramatize the eyes or the lips. If you can't do your own makeup, go to the local mall or have a parent/friend do it for you. Another good makeup idea is a glittery shadow. It will highlight your eyes and make them the focal point.

Choose the right jewelry: Don't go overboard matching. Either necklace and bracelet, bracelet and earrings, or necklace and earrings. Don't match all 3!

Nails: Get a manicure/pedicure or glue on nails. Keep in mind that if they are too long or too squared off then it will not be glamourous, it will be tacky. Which is pretty pointless.

Hair: Style your hair to go with your dress. Experiment the week before the formal to see what looks best with your dress, frame, etc.

Shoes: Honey, you want at least 3 inch heels. But, remember you will be dancing all night, so pick up shoes you're comfortable in. Either buy cheap shoes you will not wear again but match the outfit or buy expensive shoes that you will wear with every outfit.

Grooming: Get ready by shaving, plucking eyebrows, showering, etc. Its good to get ready with friends! Having a tan is hot but if you are using a self tanner be sure to have used it before. You don't want to look orange and blotchy for your big night. Ick!!!

Dean Nimmer
Paintings and drawings: a combination of abstracts and narratives.
Jan. 23 - Feb. 16, 2006

Dean's invitational party is Th., Feb. 16, 5:30-7:30 pm.
Attendance is limited to all of you on this list and perhaps a select few members of his family.

The Taber Art Gallery is open to the public and is conveniently acessed through the HCC Campus Library in the Donahue Building. For more information & gallery hours please call (413) 552-2614

Friday, February 17th at 8:00 P.M.

Amherst Books invites you to a reading by FIONA TEMPLETON

Performance artist & poet Fiona Templeton will perform new work.

Scottish born & raised, she was a co-founder of London's seminal company, the Theatre of Mistakes. She has lived in New York for over 15 years, writing & directing award-winning performance works, including "YOU--The City ", an intimate citywide play for an audience of one, which has been recreated in several European cities.

"Recognition" premiered in 1996 at The Kitchen, New York.

Other books include "London", "Elements of Performance Art", "SSH Off" (for Siobhan Liddell's drawings), "Hi Cowboy", & "Delirium of Interpretations" (an "anti"biographical play).

STUDIO SPACES AVAILABLE Available February 1, 2006.
Studio share available at One Cottage Street. large two- story space, big windows, heat included, hot and cold running water in studio, total approximate size is 1000 sq feet. Price for half is $170.00 per month. Phone: 247.3023

Inexpensive studio space available in Amherst at the 16 Main Street arts building above Russell's Liquor Store. Call Rachel Folsom at 256-0150.

MASSLIVE! in the sunday republican, in your plans, your hopes, your dreams... This Sunday.
From Kelsey Flynn:
Greetings all Your Stories - Northampton posters, contributors, writers, and readers -

First off, the good news is the Republican article on Your Stories - Northampton slated for two weeks ago was pushed back to this Sunday, the 19th.
That means any events, stories, photos, commentary you post between now and then will reap the benefits of the increased traffic the article will create.
We've got the makings of a great online community happening at Your Stories - Northampton with people taking advantage of a very useful and dynamic tool. Not only are contributors posting their own events, but they are also writing more in-depth news stories that are getting readers' attention. If you haven't yet, click over and try it. sp
It's easy to login, write, and post your entry. Instead of waiting for the newspaper to capture your organization, or event, or adventure, you can write it and have it available for immediate perusal by an audience that grows everyday.

The great news is along with the article in the Republican will be the first Your Stories - Northampton column. I will be writing a weekly column in the Republican highlighting the goings-on in Your Stories - Northampton. The column will spotlight different entries from the week pulling more readers to the site.

Thank you for all the feedback regarding this project. Because of your contributions and input, we've been able to create a more vital destination with more exciting interactive opportunities ahead. Please don't hesitate to write or call with your ideas, concerns, or problems regarding Your Stories - Northampton. I'm passionate about getting this tool out there to the community, please also feel free to send me your ideas for community groups you think may be interested in being more involved with Your Stories - Northampton.

Kelsey Flynn
Your Stories - Northampto

Announcing a very lovely one bedroom apartment available in Northampton.

It's a short walk to everything in town...and the desirable qualities don't stop there...

It's cute, clean, and stylish with hardwood floors and tons of sunlight.

Plenty of off street parking. There is a porch for sipping tea.

It has a washer, drier, AND a dishwasher!

Move in date is flexible, but we are hoping you will take it March or April 1. The rent is $800.+
Please call 587- 0395 for more information.

Hampden Gallery - Jack Balas
Seeking Questions to Life's Big Answers -Feb 13 - March 27
Gallery Talk: Tuesday, Feb 21 at 2 PM
Reception to follow the talk.

See artist's work at

"For years, my work has focused on painting and photography, with occasional works in other media fixed in for variety. Across them all, I have been interested in linking the visual and the verbal, conceptual and material, the viewer and history, fact and fiction, abstraction and representation. Broad territory, granted, but I have long been interested in maps, and the idea that you, the viewer, can build bridges between images and ideas, interpreting a construct where, despite my intent to have laid out a map in front of you, I can not guess where you might choose to go, nor even which route you might take."

Most of the content in this newsletter is cut and pasted from emails sent to me. If names, dates or venues are incorrect I apologize. I don't often verify information but when I see and recognize errors I do make corrections. Any local arts etc event info is a welcome addition to newsletters. Simply email to me and I will add it. Thanks!

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