Tuesday, February 21, 2006

This week I turned off the thingie that automatically inserts your first name to give you all a break from the resulting paranoia.
Breaking news -->Amy and I started our radio show last Wednesday. Why didn't we tell you?
Well, we knew it would be rife with dead air, frantic wonderings aloud concerning which buttons to push, throat clearings, loud intakes of breath and more!
And we were right (being psychic). But I decided to share it anyway. I uploaded it to which is a handy tool. I could only afford the basic package so it will be availble only for 14 days (from 2/20/06) or 100 downloads, whichever comes first.

It is a free download for you but it does take a few minutes and again, only 100 of you can download it. The last file expired after the maximum downloads quantity was met but this is a new link so the clock starts at 0 when I push the send button for this newsletter.
Don't give up 8 minutes into the show when there is a big pile of dead air, it does continue once we figure out that nothing is broadcasting.

So, from now until we are asked to leave, we will be on every Wednesday from 8-9AM at WXOJ-LP, 103.3 Northampton. Yes, it's early. In order to ensure that you all get up and listen to us we are going to randomly talk about you all. That should get you up. Happy and lovely weeks all around, I hope! ~Mo

P.S. If you listened to the show, the photograph above (taken in the studio while we were on the air) makes perfect sense. If you hadn't tuned in, you can do so now with the link above and find out about my beehive and Amy's scratchety-scratch!

Must have teeth and a nose.
From Ron and Daphne who are looking for a dog. Isn't that a nice switch? One of you knows someone who for some reason or another has a dog needing a home. Let's match them up. ...

CALL RON AND DAPHNE (413) 628- 0226

At the Norman Rockwell Museum.
Norman Rockwell Museum
9 Glendale Road, Stockbridge, MA 01262

The Craft of Fiction II with Vivian Dorsel
Saturday, February 25, 2006, from 10am to 3pm

This workshop will explore two craft topics essential to fiction writing: dialogue, and sense of place (setting). Each topic will be covered in a lecture/discussion, followed by an in-class written exercise, after which class members will have the opportunity to share their work with one another, if they choose. Participants will be provided with examples of visual artwork from the Museum collection to use as inspiration for their written work.
Join author and editor Vivian Dorsel for this workshop of discovery in the world of fiction. Those who register will be sent two short stories to read before attending the workshop.

Vivian Dorsel, who was Managing Editor of The Berkshire Review for eight years, is a fiction student in the Vermont College MFA in Writing Program, the founder of Ledgetop Publishing, and Editor of the new literary annual, upstreet. She is Word Street’s Writing Course Coordinator, and her work has appeared in several publications.

The fee for the workshop is $15 ($10 for Museum members). Workshop participants are asked to bring a lunch; the Museum will provide beverages and snacks. To register, call the Museum at (413) 298- 4100, ext. 260.

This video is special. Worth a jaunt from anywhere.

Special showing
Jill Turner self produced video acts. Includes videos of other people. Anchor House Gallery - 518 Pleasant Street, across from the bowling alley in Northampton.

The last saturday of February, February 25th between 1-4 pm, Come talk to Jill between 2- 3pm, Share your ideas.
Contact: Jill Turner, video performance artist

Courtesy of the famous Jan O'Highway
A radio show endorsement from Jan O'highway, a listener from England...

loved it , will clock in next week and fwd to all my takes awhile to download, people who are easily upset by thingks like nailpolish probably shouldn't listen.
ciao Jan*

isn't she great? and she DID forward the radio link to friends all around the world. Maybe we'll hear from some of them.
BTW, a thingk is a thing and a think all at once.

here's another quote, "Disarmingly honest", ~Dean Nimmer
Image Courtesy of Jan O'Highway. I believe it is a Suzanne Redstone.

So anyway, after Jan listened to our radio show she had some interesting comments about language differences. Here are her comments, in the spasterisks...
*How is that americans can't pronounce beeday properly? (Mo note-she is referring to bidet and how I pronounced it). b'day here means birthday*

She also notes that art receptions are called PVs for Private Viewings and the word reception is reserved for wedding receptions. I like that. From now on I am going to announce receptions as PVs. Thanks Jan! I am going to pronounce BeeDay properly in all my future pleas for a bidet and that might just be the thing that convinces Kohler to donate one for my next sculpture.

Once I get the nerve to call them and beg for one.

Hi Jan.

The official website will be up soon. But for now there is info already up here.


ART FARM 2006 Middle Rocombe Farm, Stokeinteignhead, Newton Abbot - OS: SX 909693

The Art Farm Project is a selected event, organised and run by 31 artists/makers living/working within an 18 mile radius of Middle Rocombe Farm, east of Exeter, including all of the districts of Teignbridge and Torbay and part of South Hams and Dartmoor.

Artists and volunteers involved with The Art Farm Projects, have transformed redundant buildings into exhibition spaces and performance areas, turned fields into sculpture parks and created environmental and site specific art. These unusual events attracted over seven thousand visitors and achieved significant national and regional media attention, enabled artists to exchange skills, develop new relationships and sell/promote their work.

A visioning meeting of artists in 2005 has created a new stimulus for midsummer 2006 - to take the farm buildings and 30 acres of farmland as its inspiration, inviting artists/makers to respond to its situation and context. Middle Rocombe Farm is waiting to be transformed once more into an exciting hub of creativity, a place of excellence for challenging visual and performance art.

COMING NEXT WEEK-->More info on Sensory cob wall and twinkly turret with mosaics Art Farm group project 2005-6

Wednesday, March 1ST at 6:00 P.M.
From our Bruce Barone-
The slide show version of my book /Famous People Famous Places/ (an unedited *first preview*) Will be premiered (with music) Wednesday, March 1, 2006, In Eastworks . Beer, Wine and Food Will be served.

note-I cut and pasted this from his email. I am curious at the capitalization of *Will*, above.
Dada & Surrealist movies will also be shown

Time will be @ 6PM, Suite 2320
Second floor, Above The Blue Moon

Renowned Artist and Environmental Designer Michael Singer to Speak at Mount Holyoke College
Renowned Artist and Environmental Designer Michael Singer to Speak at Mount Holyoke College

SOUTH HADLEY, MA – Renowned artist and environmental designer Michael Singer will present a talk titled “Creative Process: Environment, Infrastructure and Aesthetics,” on Thursday, March 2, at 7:30 p.m. in Gamble Auditorium at Mount Holyoke College. The presentation is free and open to the public.

Michael Singer’s work has been instrumental in transforming public art, architecture, landscape and planning projects into successful models for urban and ecological re-vision and renewal. By “putting the land back into landscape” (NY Times), he has redefined the practice of art and broadened its applicability to the development of public places, buildings, and infrastructure. His works integrate community needs, sustainable building principles, land-use planning, environmental responsibility, and aesthetic design.

In 1993, the New York Times chose Singer's design of a massive waste recycling and transfer center in Phoenix as one of the top eight design and architectural events of the year. By revealing the process of recycling, the center invites involvement in a facility normally closed to the public. Renewal and transformation are integral to all elements of the design: buildings, roads, landscape, water, and wildlife habitat. The project won several awards, and is credited with promoting aesthetic design excellence in the U.S.

Singer’s design of indoor and outdoor gardens for the Institute for Forestry and Nature (Alterra, IBN), Netherlands, has also been featured as a leading example of outstanding green sustainable design. The gardens work as the "lungs and kidneys" of the institute’s headquarters, cleaning air and gray water as well as providing climate control without air- conditioning.

Among Singer’s many other works are a sculptural floodwall and walkway that model river reclamation in Michigan, a large interior sculpture garden for the Denver International Airport, and co-generation power facilities. His plans define an “Urban Eco- Sustainable Network,” with habitat creation, education, recreation, water preservation, and urban agriculture as part of the electric generation facility and site.

A graduate of Cornell University, Michael Singer has received fellowships and awards from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the Vermont State Governor’s Award for the Arts.

The event is presented by the Center for the Environment with support from the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum.

For more information, please contact: Mount Holyoke College Center for the Environment, (413) 538-3091

For more information on Michael Singer and to view his work visit

MASSLIVE! in the sunday republican, in your plans, your hopes, your dreams...
Use it. Do.
If you have an event or a cd to sell, or just anything you want to share, you can send it to me and reach some fab folks or you can use to reach tens of thousands of people!

I posted my wish for a Kohler bidet (beeday) with these handles.
From Kelsey Flynn:
Greetings all Your Stories - Northampton posters, contributors, writers, and readers -

We've got the makings of a great online community happening at Your Stories - Northampton with people taking advantage of a very useful and dynamic tool. Not only are contributors posting their own events, but they are also writing more in-depth news stories that are getting readers' attention. If you haven't yet, click over and try it. sp
It's easy to login, write, and post your entry. Instead of waiting for the newspaper to capture your organization, or event, or adventure, you can write it and have it available for immediate perusal by an audience that grows everyday.

The great news is along with the article in the Republican will be the first Your Stories - Northampton column. I will be writing a weekly column in the Republican highlighting the goings-on in Your Stories - Northampton. The column will spotlight different entries from the week pulling more readers to the site.

Thank you for all the feedback regarding this project. Because of your contributions and input, we've been able to create a more vital destination with more exciting interactive opportunities ahead. Please don't hesitate to write or call with your ideas, concerns, or problems regarding Your Stories - Northampton. I'm passionate about getting this tool out there to the community, please also feel free to send me your ideas for community groups you think may be interested in being more involved with Your Stories - Northampton.

Kelsey Flynn
Your Stories - Northampton

The God Children, by Leda Joandaughter
The God Children is a radical, feminist, theological suspense novel (imagine the Celestine Prophecy meeting the X-Files at Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s house). This book is about the literal return of the original Holy Trinity, in the form of the Triple Goddess. What business does the Goddess have manifesting here on this planet? To save it, of course, from true evil: illegal, pre-emptive war, exploitive globalization, American supremacy, economic and religious subjugation of women, hypocrisy in religion and government, environmental recklessness, exploitation of children, the GOP, and so on.
Originally published in Iceland by Kremena Publishing, The God Children is now available in the U.S.

(If you’d like to have your copy signed by local author Leda Joandaughter, you may contact her at

Seriously. And a call for Metro Poems as well.
From my pal Sharon in Montreal who is a subscriber to this newsletter (not that I asked her before adding her) and who is pretty sweet and funny and who(m) I miss, comes this plea to help a writer pal.

I was hoping that you could help me compile a list of slang terms that would reflect a person's age, societal role, interests - so if I have, for instance, a character who is 30-something and a musician - I can more approximate the appropriate slang (of course I know that there are exceptions to every rule) So if people would respond to these three questions and send the answers back to me - I'd be very grateful.

which decade of your life are you in? ( second, fourth, whatever ?)

how would you describe yourself?

what are your favourite exclamations, expletives, terms of endearment, etc ?

Also, Noting the different references to metros in some of the recently submitted poems, and knowing of other such poems, I thought it would be cool to put together a chapbook:

"trains:underground and interurban." Please send me copies of your train/metro poems if you'd like to be part of this extra chapbook. Art work and photographs are welcome as well.

Please pass this message along to anyone else who might want to participate.

Thank you!
best wishes--


One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Shelley Lake's apocalyptic vision of the future.

This is a great place to upload videos to share with the world. And Shelley's Video is a quick load.

Who has a swelligant cd for sale and I heartily reccommend getting it.
Mary Witt, critically acclaimed singer and bass player for The O-Tones of Western Massachusetts, celebrates the release of her first solo CD, Dance With Me. Sultry, soulful, and sassy, this album will make you swoon and kick up your heels.

The music spans various genres from swing and jazz to rhythm & blues and soul. It glides seamlessly from the old favorite ballad "The Very Thought Of You" to the upbeat swing tune "Almost Like Being in Love". New Orleans hit "Teardrops From My Eyes" segues to Cab Calloway's "Everybody Eats When They Come To My House" with a contemporary culinary flavor.

Also included are Ray Charles' "Roll With My Baby" and Frank Sinatra's "Come Dance With Me", the title cut. Sure to become a classic, "Dance With Me" lulls the listener into wanting to be in love, even in a most ironic twist described in Freddie Cole's "A Sinner Kissed An Angel".
Taking an Audrey Morris song "How'd Ya Like To Love Me?" and turning it into a duet captures the sweet, longed-for corniness of the 1940's. Lou Rawl's rendition of "Fine Brown Frame" gets a facelift to include reference to a current star.

And some quotes about "Dance With Me":

Mary Witt is one of the most engaging and delightful song stylists on the contemporary American music scene"
-Marc Berman Wilks Broadcasting

The whole thing is fabulous. I especially like the inside of the tray card. Very exciting design. Elegant and fun. I've given your cd to several people and they've loved it. Me, too.
-Alice Teeter Atlanta, GA

Your CD is STUNNING!! It melts me! You all did a great, great job. Your voice, the songs, the playing....yow!
-Brooks Williams, singer/songwriter Amherst, MA

Great for listening, even better for dancing! A full, rich voice carried along with musical friends. You just can't help but want to dance to this sound.
-Debin Bruce

Some people sound good singing the phonebook. The greatness of some songs comes through even when played on a garden hose. "Dance With Me" is a terrific combination of songs and a singer that can each stand on their own... A fine effort from a fine singer.
-Tom Mahnken, Trailer Park band

I love the mix of songs on this CD! Mary Witt sings with such smoothness, expression and exuberance that you can feel her love for this music. The arrangements are tasty and the excellent musicians and vocalists are always on the same page...
- Aloha, Rich

Northampton, MA:
Dynamite Records
Turn It Up Records


"Everyb ody Eats When They Come To My House" is *my* favorite song on this CD!

It's Jamoka's favorite song too but only because it refernces eating. He also thinks Mary's hot.

Benefit sale-Saturday, May 6th 12- 4.
Call to Artists
contact: Florence Rawls: ; or 617.326.4310

The Boston Home invites area artists to submit work for panel review for the third annual art exhibition and sale: At Home with the Arts. A portion of the sale proceeds will benefit the residents of The Boston Home through the Arts & Entertainment Program.

The exhibition will be free and open to the public on Saturday, May 6th 12- 4. All selected entries will be for sale. An area will be provided for cards, small reprints, and small 2 dimensional works not subject to the 3-piece limit. The Boston Home will keep 35% of all sale proceeds. The artists will keep the remaining 65% of the sale proceeds.

Artists are asked to bring up to three (3) two- dimensional works not exceeding 36" x 36", ready for hanging to The Boston Home, 2049 Dorchester Ave., on Monday, APRIL 29th and Tuesday, APRIL 30th from 4 - 7 for registration/drop-off. The jury panel will meet Wed. All artwork not sold must be taken home on Saturday, May 6th after the exhibition ends at 4:00 pm.

The Boston Home will purchase a piece from the submissions for their permanent collection. The event will be well publicized in a variety of area media.

The residents of TBH look forward to welcoming their neighbors to this community celebration. There will be live musical entertainment and a poetry reading by resident Al Gaines. Old-fashioned strawberry shortcake will be served in the garden. Last year more than 500 people visited our garden gallery.

Established in 1881, The Boston Home is nationally recognized as the standard for care of adults with Multiple Sclerosis and related neurological diseases.

Deadlines April 1, June1.

The award-winning, non-profit international arts organization TransCultural Exchange is reviewing slides to select innovative artists for future international projects and, specifically, for the exhibition Shimmer at TransCultural Exchange from November 1 to November 30. All media are acceptable, including site-specific and interactive installations. TransCultural Exchange will pay for insurance during the exhibition, exhibition announcements, a modest brochure, opening reception, and web-site documentation of the exhibition. Sales encouraged: 20% commission.
Please send a maximum of 15 representative slides or a CD of 15 works (no minimum required), a resume, optional statement, $15 review fee and SASE to TransCultural Exchange, 516 East Second Street, #30, Boston, MA 02127.
Submission deadline is June 1, 2005.
RESIDENCIES The award-winning, non-profit international arts organization TransCultural Exchange announces a sponsored residency at the 6th annual Dorothea Fleiss East West Artists Symposia and Residency from August 3 - 13, 2006 in Carei, Romania. This 10 day international artist residency is open to artists in all disciplines and includes modest housing, workspace, meals, minimum materials and a $500 stipend to be used towards the artists' airfare. The residency will culminate in an exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Carei. (There are no residency fees, although the artist is requested , but not required, to donate one work produced during the residency to the Municipal Museum of Carei.) One to two artists will be chosen to attend this residency, for which the remaining slots are by invitation only. (The list of invited artists is available at under : To Participate)
Additional artists will be chosen to participate in the symposia's exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Carei.

Submission deadline is April 1. Please send a maximum of 15 slides or a CD of 15 works, SASE, resume, $15 review fee and optional statement.

OLD NEWSLETTERS ARE POSTED HERE. Most of the content in this newsletter is cut and pasted from emails sent to me. If names, dates or venues are incorrect I apologize. I don't often verify information but when I see and recognize errors I do make corrections. Any local arts etc event info is a welcome addition to newsletters. Simply email to me and I will add it. Thanks!

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