It is FREE to submit to this newsletter if, and only if, the following conditions are met:

*Your Submission is in by 5 PM on the Sunday prior to the weekly Monday issue in which you'd like your event posted.

*Your image is no larger than 100k. Images sized exactly to 300 pixels wide at 72 DPI will be given special placement. If you do not include an image caption none will be posted. If you forget to include an image caption, you must fill out an entire new submission form. Email submissions will not be accepted.

IF YOU GET AN ERROR MESSAGE: please copy and paste the error message in an email with your submission and it will be reviewed. If it is an aerror because your image is too large, you will have to resubmit. If your image is too large it will cause an error message. There are links below to sites that will resize your image for you for FREE if you do not know how to size images.

* You use only one submission form for each event. If you forget the date or hours or address do not send an addendum submission with only that info. You must fill out a new submission form with all information. Your new submission will take the place of the old and no events will be pieced together from bits of info in multiple submission forms.

Take a few minutes to review your submission before sending. The fields below are meant to act as a checklist.

It is a FREE service for all artists to promote their events and work. It is free to post and free to receive. It is all done by a single human being, Mo Ringey, who gives one day a week to make this happen for everyone. BUT, it is also a group participation thing.

It is a community of artists and the participation requirements are simple. You must be an active subscriber to post events. Submissions are free and so is the newsletter. This is a community. Aren't we all in this together?

Newsletters go out each Monday so submissions must be in by 5 PM the day before, which is Sunday. To make sure your submission is in on time don't wait till the last minute. Submissions will go into the next scheduled newsletter and will remain for a maximum of 2 weeks. So if you want your submission to go into a newsletter of a certain date to correspond to your event, please check your calendar and time your submission so as to arrive in the days before the start date.


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Your image must be a JPEG, GIF or PNG file with the longest dimension set at 300 pixels wide. Anything larger will give an ugly Application Error after a lot of spinning.

Here are three handy websites which will resize your image for you (opens in a new window):

Media-Convert (also converts your image to JPEG, GIF or PNG)

Please name your image file with your last name or gallery name to ensure proper routing.

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